VOY: “Darkling” and “Rise”

Here's a little song I wrote called... where the hell did my weekend go?

Date: October 25, 2020

Season 3, Episodes 18 and 19

Musical Accompaniment: A mix of Adele, because I can, followed by some cello music.

Interstellar News: It has rained all day and I’ve napped, a lot. I did, however, watch Coco this morning and I cried a good cry.

“Darkling” in TL;DR: Voyager is hanging out with the Mikhal Travelers because they can tell what’s ahead and the EMH is tinkering with his personality by adding “only the good parts” of some famous people. Kes and Neelix did, apparently, really break up sometime after “Warlord” and she’s gotten close to Zahir, one of the Travelers. She considers leaving Voyager to go exploring with him while Zahir talks to Tuvok. Zahir is later attacked by the EMH, but it’s his Mr. Hyde side. The “upgrades” to his personality caused a split-personality that our normal doctor is unaware of. Hyde attacks Torres and tries to get her to delete the doctor, but ultimately he kidnaps Kes. They’re confronted, he tries to kill them both, but Janeway does some magic that allows them to be beamed back aboard and the EMH is himself again. Kes decides to stay on board.

Favorite Quote:

Tuvok: From what I’ve surmised, that is something your people do not seem to value. You take many chances.

Zahir: If we’re alone, yes. But when we’re responsibly for the safety of another it’s a different story. I’m in love with Kes, I want her to go with me, but whatever she decides, it would please me to earn the trust of her closest friends.

Tuvok: It would please me to be able to give it.

This is totally me when I drive. When I’m in the car by myself I drive way differently than when I have a passenger or two.
Ariel: "I'm 16 years old. I'm not a child anymore!"
“Everyone seems to be treating me like I’m still a child. I’m three years old now. If I’m attracted to someone it’s my business, not the whole ship’s.”

“In whatsoever place that I enter, I will enter to help the sick and heal the injured. And I will do no harm.”: I loved this episode when it was Kes being a petulant teenager who was staying up late with a boy she liked, behind on her work, and trying to figure out what she wanted out of life. This was eclipsed by the EMH is Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde story line, instead of them intermixing well. I absolutely loved that the EMH had contacts in when he was “evil”, it had a neat effect. The acting, however, was not great and that’s unusual for one of my favorite characters who is almost always on point. I was not as compelled by his story, though it was an interesting bit of technobabble, and I found myself wanting to know more about Kes and Zahir. Would things have turned out differently had he not interfered? Did they say goodbye? Did Torres plop in a fail-safe so the EMH couldn’t go messing with things he doesn’t understand? Janeway and Tuvok are great here, by the way, as sort of Captain Mom and Uncle Mentor to Kes. They sort of raise their eyebrows at her behavior but allow her to explore and make her own decisions. Give me more of Kes and less of the EMH (a sentence I never thought I would write) and this would have been an interesting story for me. 4 very large cheeseburgers with some root beer to wash it all down for me, please.

“Rise” in TL;DR: Voyager is helping the Nezu destroy some asteroids, but they just won’t die! Neelix is going on the away team with Tuvok and Sklar where they crash land and from Dr. Vatm who has VERY IMPORTANT NEWS he won’t share with anyone but the Ambassador. Since they can’t shuttle or beam back, they decide to use the orbital tether to get withing communications range. On Voyager, Torres and the EMH discover someone has been controlling the asteroids. Oxygen is running out on the tether, Neelix proves himself to Tuvok, and Dr. Vatm is murdered by Sklar… who was working for the opposition. Voyager helps drive off the invaders and Tuvok gives Neelix a special commendation. They also end the episode. with the world’s most adorable discussion.

Favorite Quote:

Hanjuan: I say we throw Vatm out the door. We could use the extra oxygen.

Tuvok: If you are trying to intimidate me, I should inform you that as a Vulcan I possess physical strength many times your…

Hanjuan tries to hit Tuvok. Tuvok grabs his fist and forces him to his knees.

This was such a beautiful scene. Tuvok’s like: okay, now that I’ve shown you my penis is bigger, can we get on with it?
Morpheus: What if I told you, I'm stronger than you.
Tuvok tried to warn him…

“I’m looking for Mr. Neelix’s instinct. Perhaps it will be marked.”: Neelix is still trying to make himself more useful, he just wants to be of some help. His problem is that he never does just what is asked, he’s not great at following orders. His heart is in it, though, and he finally gives Tuvok the verbal lashing he totally deserves because he does always condescend toward Neelix no matter what he does. When you’re stuck 70,000 light years from home, you’ve got to lighten up a bit. Neelix also exaggerates a lot, which also doesn’t help, but his enthusiasm is totally there. I thought this was an interesting tactic, controlling asteroids to make it look like a natural disaster and then take over the planet. This was also a good vehicle for Neelix and Tuvok to work together and I enjoyed that part of the story. Neelix was able to get Lillias on their side and helped her fix part of the tether, even if it was in a way that Tuvok did not approve of. It was a fun little thriller and mystery and Tuvok climbing his way back into the tether was fantastic. Unfortunately, it was still a very ‘meh’ episode with a few good lines here and there. 5 words to end the conversation, and they are always Tuvok’s because he’s always got to get the last word in. Indeed.

TA Out!

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