VOY: “Coda”

coda music symbol

Date: October 23, 2020

Season 3, Episode 15

Musical Accompaniment: Billy Joel, The Maine, and Sleeping with Sirens

Interstellar News: My new tablet and case came in today. I am in love.

TL;DR: Janeway and Chakotay are on a shuttle and discuss the recent talent show when they crash land. She appears dead until he revives her, but thinks they were shot down by Vidiians… who eventually come and kill her for real. Except she and Chakotay wake up in the shuttle and remember everything, and then get blown up by another ship. It resets again and this time they get Tuvok on the com but now Chakotay doesn’t remember the time loop. The EMH shows Janeway has the phage and goes to euthanize her, and then she’s back on the shuttle. Janeway has an out of body experience where she sees herself die, the EMH try to revive her, the way Kes and Tuvok try to see if she’s still there, and even hears the memorial service about her. Her “father” comes to bring her to the afterlife, but she refuses. Turns out he’s an alien who feeds off of those who come willingly into his “afterlife matrix”, so she then wakes up and goes back to work.

Favorite Quote:

Alien: I’ve waited for you. I’ve been patient.

Janeway: But your patience is wearing thin. What’s the real reason you want me in that Matrix? Somehow I don’t think it has anything to do with everlasting joy.

Janeway is totally right, as usual.
Herminoe: we could get killed, or worse. Expelled.
Oh Herminoe.

“I’d rather be here in spirit than not at all. A Captain doesn’t abandon ship.”: I first want to point out that “Kathryn” and “Captain” sound A LOT alike. The music was also super awesome. Now, onto the story. I went through so many emotions. I was shocked they remembered the time loop, I was devastated that Janeway kept dying, I was horrified at the EMH trying to euthanize the captain, I was thinking the time loop was getting a little long and then we finally get to where she might really be dead… and that was all in the first 15 minutes. The part where her “dad” comes to ferry her off to the afterlife I realized it wasn’t a time loop but something else, though I thought it was a nice touch for us to see how the rest of the crew would handle Janeway dying on a mission. It was a bit disappointing that it was an alien and not a time loop, but it makes you think that there might actually be a fate worse than death. This episode didn’t leave much of an impression on me, though, other than Janeway being the badass actor and captain that she is. 5 plastic containers that no longer have leftovers in them, hooray for making a week’s worth of leftovers in three days!

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