VOY: “Fair Trade”

Date: October 21 , 2020 Season 3, Episode 13 Musical Accompaniment: Listening to Good Charlotte tonight, lots of punk rock. “Some things never change, like the way I say I love you.” Interstellar News: Happy 21st Day of Halloween! TL;DR: Neelix wants to help out more so he tries to be useful to Tuvok andContinue reading “VOY: “Fair Trade””

VOY: “Macrocosm”

Date: October 20, 2020 Season 3, Episode 12 Musical Accompaniment: Stone Temple Pilots Interstellar News: Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. TL;DR: Neelix helps apologize to the Tak Tak for Janeway as there was a communication mishap. They get back to find Voyager adrift, something interfering with their instruments, and it’sContinue reading “VOY: “Macrocosm””

VOY: “The Q and the Grey”

Date: October 19, 2020 Season 3, Episode 11 Musical Accompaniment: Minus the Bear and associated acts Interstellar News: We are now back to your regularly scheduled programming, apologies for the delay. TL;DR: After witnessing a star go supernova, a rare occurrence per galaxy, Janeway returns to her room to find Q who wants her asContinue reading “VOY: “The Q and the Grey””