All Fun and Games

View of the GWB, a memory from a happy time

Date: October 18, 2020

Interstellar News: Happy 18th Day of Halloween!

Following my food post, I want to talk about all the fun and games to be had.

Friday: We went for a walk around the neighborhood before dinner and got to show our friends life in suburbia, which is exactly like they thought it was.

Saturday: I took our friends to Main and Centennial campus, and it was a gorgeous day for it. We tried out the Wolf Ears and took in all the beautiful views while social distancing from others and wearing our masks. We took another walk before dinner. In the evening we played many games. Labyrinth, Takenoko, and two rounds of Munchkin Apocalypse.

Gang of Four card game
Four of a kind? Nope… I have a FIVE of a kind.

Sunday: Woke up and watched Rashomon, took an afternoon nap after finishing the sauce, had one more walk before dinner, and then played quite a few round of Gang of Four… one of my absolute favorite card games.

It was an absolutely wonderful long weekend. I forgot how much I need social interaction and how fantastic it is to play games with people you care about.

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Get tested. Be smart and safe. Then, come over to be fed and play games 🙂

TA Out.

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