VOY: “The Thaw”, “Tuvix”, and “Resolutions”

"No thanks, I choose life" Syd from Ice Age

Date: October 7, 2020

Season 2, Episodes 23, 24, and 25

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Interstellar News: Good news came this morning but then the internet crashed and it’s been a weird day since.

“The Thaw” in TL;DR: Neelix takes Voyager to a planet that was a major trading spot but it’s uninhabited. There was a terrible accident but an automated message explains they should have been working on rebuilding starting four years ago. They find five people in stasis hooked up to an artificial mental landscape, but two of them are dead. Torres and Kim go in to investigate why they have not come out and it’s almost like Lwaxana’s holodeck program, it’s a circus. They’re captured by the townsfolk and Kim’s almost beheaded when the three survivors come to their aid and explain the head clown, fear, has kept them from leaving because he doesn’t want to end his life. The clown lets Torres leave but keeps Kim as a hostage, Janeway sends the EMH in so as not to risk any more human life. Torres tries something but it gets one of the other hostages killed, so Janeway gives the Clown an offer he can’t refuse… her for the other hostages. The Clown accepts, but it was a ruse and they shut down the program.

Favorite Quote:

The Clown: Well, you certainly know how to bring a party to a halt.

EMH: I don’t get out very much.

The Clown: I bet.

The clown having his party spoiled by the Doctor.
Fear from INSIDE OUT
If you haven’t watched Inside Out, you’re missing out big time.

“All we have to do now is decide how to negotiate with an emotion.”: This was such a bananas episode right up until the end. Of course Voyager has to help, it’s the Starfleet way, but Kim and Torres can’t figure out what’s wrong so they enter and realize quickly they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. The clown, the manifestation of their collective fears, is absolutely fantastic and continues the theme of something wanting to live and survive. This again reminds me of the plot line in Eureka where an artificial town was set up, but this time there was an unexpected consequence and Fear took over their existence. I hated so much that Torres wasn’t able to make it in time and one more person died because of the artificial program. It’s a good lesson in unintended consequences. Janeway’s solution and the EMH’s interference were two highlights of this episode, but the biggest one was the performance of the Clown. It was a fantastic way to end the episode and I just don’t know what else I could have asked for, aside from everyone living. 9 supreme bagel bites for this episode.

“Tuvix” in TL;DR: Tuvok and Neelix are on a planet gathering samples of flowers that might be nutritious. When they are beamed up, however, there’s an accident and they are merged into one person who asks to go by ‘Tuvix’. One of the flowers caused symbiogenesis, merging the two men and it, creating this new species. They are able to recreate the accident with flowers but are unable to separate them, so it’s possible Tuvix must stay in this new, merged form forever. The EMH continues to work on it while Tuvix finds his place on the ship. Two weeks later the EMH and Kim come up with a plan, but Tuvix does not want to stop existing. Janeway believes it’s her decision and, after the Doctor will not perform the procedure against Tuvix’s will, she splits them in two.

Favorite Quotes:

Tuvok: We are not here to have fun. We are here to collect samples.

Neelix: Why, is there some regulation that says we can’t do both at the same time?

I mean, Neelix does have a point.

Janeway’s Jam: “Do we accept that we’re separated from our loved ones forever, or do we hold onto the hope that someday we’ll be with them again?”

” I would be very grateful to you if you would assign him some duty, any duty somewhere else.”

“I suppose it would be like trying to extract the flour, eggs and water after you’ve baked the cake.”: The thing that bugs me the most is how the episode ends. How do Tuvok and Neelix feel about the separation? Did they remember anything? Did everything get divided okay… like does Tuvok like Kes and does Neelix have the hots for T’Pel? Everything else about this episode was so riveting. I mean I knew Tuvix wouldn’t stay together forever, I’ve seen the Season 3 senior staff photo, but I didn’t realize there would be so much time between when the accident happened and when a solution was found. It was a very human touch that the EMH refuses to perform the procedure and he quotes the Hippocratic Oath. I’m not entirely sure who suffers more in this episode, Kes or Janeway. Kes has lost her boyfriend and mentor in one moment… but they are still sort of there, not letting her have time to really grieve for either of them. Janeway has to make a really fucking difficult decision based on what she thinks Tuvok and Neelix would want. Again, we don’t get to see how they react after the separation… only how fucking awful she felt at having to do what she thought needed to be done. Watching Tuvix plead to Kes and the rest of the bridge was awful but powerful. I’m so torn I can’t rate this episode, the ending was such a letdown but the rest was quite compelling. I mean, it’s not every day a flower makes a person out of two people.

“Resolutions” in TL;DR: Janeway and Chakotay were infected with a serious disease that the EMH can find no cure for, but they’re safe on the planet for some unknown reason. Janeway decides to transfer command to Tuvok while she and Chakotay figure out a cure. They are given everything they need for an extended camping trip but it’s unsaid they might be there forever. Voyager moves out of communications range right after Janeway says goodbye. She gets to work on trying to find a cure while Chakotay builds stuff in order to make their house a home. They encounter a monkey and, after a storm, realize that they’re likely going to be on the planet for a very, very, very, very long time. Meanwhile, on Voyager, Tuvok is doing wonderfully but the rest of the crew won’t give up and want to go to the Vidiians for help. He finally gives in but is prepared for an attack, which is exactly what happens. Dr. Pel, however, beams them over some medicine and Tuvok is able to get them the hell out of dodge and back to the planet in time to heal Janeway and Chakotay.

Favorite Quote:

Chakotay: If your tomatoes could spare you for a minute, I’d like your opinion on something in the house.

Janeway: Well, you’ve come to the right person. I always have an opinion.

Chakotay: Really?

Chakotay engaging in some sarcasm.
monkey from outbreak
“If you’re suggesting I should get out of here, I agree.”

” I can’t sacrifice the present waiting for a future that may never happen.”: Well this was a hell of an episode. I’ll start with Tuvok and the events on Voyager. Tuvok makes a fine captain and handles things very professionally with a very emotional Kim. Kes gets him to see that this is what the crew needs so he says fine, but they MUST be vigilent The battle drills come in handy, Tuvok explains the plan perfectly, and it is executed flawlessly. I’m glad the EMH remembered you can’t beam stuff in or out when the shields are up, because sometimes that doesn’t happen. On the planet, Janeway geeks out over being a science nerd again and she’s so focused she forgets they also need to live there for quite some time. Chakotay, on the other hand, can’t help with the science but does whatever he can to make her life better. He builds her a tub, a headboard, and starts on a boat before they are rescued. There’s some sexual tension between them and Chakotay all but declares his love for Janeway, but whatever happened on the planet stays on that planet because they’re all business when they return to the ship. I love how well they work together and I’m curious if this will go anywhere. 9 absolutely adorable kittens curled up in the most precious of sleeping positions.

TA Out!

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