VOY: “Innocence”

Tuvok points at the children

Date: October 6, 2020

Season 2, Episode 22

Musical Accompaniment: More of my iTunes mix

Interstellar News: Was hoping for some good news today, but it’s been delayed until tomorrow. I’m truly hoping my nerves last that long. I’m sorry my reviews have been so light lately.

TL;DR: Voyager is making contact with a private race called the Drayans, hoping to make friends, and several shuttles are doing recon. Tuvok and Bennet crash, Bennet dies, and Tuvok meets three little kids who are scared. The kids say they were taken there to die and Tuvok is determined to protect them until he has more information. Janeway, unfortunately, runs into issues with the Drayan leaders who are less than cooperative. In the end it’s Tuvok, one of the children, Janeway and Paris, and the Drayan leaders all on one of the moons where it turns out to be The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or “The Counter-Clock Incident” and the child is actually 96 and at the end of her life cycle. Tuvok helps her while Janeway and the Drayan leader make amends.

Favorite Quote:

Tuvok: I have four children. Now you must concentrate.

Corin: What are they like?

Tuvok: Well behaved.

Dad Tuvok pulling no punches.
Benjamin Button movie, as he ages backwards
“Your displeasure doesn’t change our situation. Nor does it bring us any closer to a solution.”

We often fear what we do not understand. Our best defense is knowledge.”: Daddy Tuvok is absolutely adorable, though he does forget that Tressa is not a Vulcan child when he hands her a phaser. The parts of the episode that focus on Tuvok show us more of the Vulcan he is and how wonderful of a father and mentor he can be. It’s unfortunate that they chose to liken being childlike to having Alzheimer’s or Dementia, but I understand they were just trying to get the audience to understand something that is clearly alien. What I don’t get is why, at the end, Tressa suddenly remembered her grandson? Janeway tried her best to be diplomatic and, in the end, it worked for her because they were able to come to an understanding. It shows how much two different cultures can learn from each other if they just listen, but tradition sometimes gets in the way. Overall a very strong Tuvok episode and another friend made in the DQ. 7 Oreo milkshakes for this episode.

TA Out!

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