VOY: “Homestead” and “Renaissance Man”

Date: August 10, 2021

Season 7, Episodes 22 and 23

Music Video of the Day:

“When it’s just me and you / Who knows what we could do / If we can just make it through / The toughest part of the day.”

Interstellar News: These are the last two episodes before the finale! The new semester starts next week and I am totally not ready! Why am I using so many exclamation marks?!?!

“Homestead” in TL;DR: Neelix and Naomi throw a party for “First Contact Day” while Chakotay finds a colony of Talaxians living in an asteroid field. Paris, Neelix, and Tuvok are originally treated as hostiles while Voyager is dealing with miners who want to destroy the Talaxian’s home. Neelix and the crew offer to help the Talaxians defend their home and they continue their journey. Neelix decides he wants to stay with Dexa and Brax and Janeway makes him the ambassador to the Delta Quadrant.

Favorite Quote:

Neelix: Cheese perogi. Zefram Cochrane’s favorite.

EMH: They have absolutely no nutritional value.

Neelix: This is a party, Doctor. Sometimes you have to forget about nutrition.

Neelix is right. Calories don’t count when you’re at a party.
Neelix with Dexa and her son, Brax
“It would be difficult for me to run this ship without you, Neelix. But that might be a sacrifice I’d be willing to make for the greater good of Starfleet. Of course, the assignment would be entirely voluntary. You wouldn’t be interested, would you?”

“I’m just a cook who sometimes imagines himself to be a diplomat.”: This episode is EVERYTHING. It starts off with Neelix throwing a party, Voyager helps a group of people who are in need of assistance, Neelix finds a new family, and Tuvok is not only supportive of Neelix but he also dances! Paris gets to play dad (“If you two don’t stop it, I’m going to come back there and separate you.”) while Chakotay and Kim make me cry when they’re such good wingmen to Neelix. Naomi mentions “Tuvix” and also provides Neelix with the push he needs to leave, as she isn’t as reliant on him anymore since she’s older. This is the perfect ending for Neelix and I cried a lot. I’m giving this a 10 because I loved it so much. It’s probably not perfect, but it’s an episode I wouldn’t mind watching again when I needed to bawl my eyes out.

“Renaissance Man” in TL;DR: The EMH and Janeway are on their way back when they’re attacked. Janeway starts acting strangely and eventually we find out she’s really the EMH and Janeway is being kept hostage by two aliens who want Voyager’s warp core. The EMH pretends to be several crew members as they figure out what’s happening and eventually he’s double-crossed. Voyager eventually figures out what’s going on and saves the Captain and EMH, with the help of one of the aliens who feel repentant. Unfortunately the EMH is destabilizing and he thinks this is the end so he professes his love for Seven, among other things, and then Torres fixes him.

Favorite Quotes:

EMH: What did you expect me to do, let them kill you?

Janeway: I expected you to follow my orders.

EMH: You might as well have been ordering me to put a phaser to your head. Voyager can survive without a warp core, but not without a captain.

Janeway: Now it doesn’t have either.

They are both not wrong. Well, except the EMH is kinda wrong because there’s a chain of command and Chakotay would take over being captain if he needed to.
The two aliens talking over Janeway

Janeway: Now, when you’re on the holodeck with the captain, there are two rules you have to follow.

EMH: I understand.

Janeway: First, leave your rank at the door.

EMH: Not a problem. The second?

Janeway: No opera.

I absolutely love Janeway when she’s being witty.

“You said you wanted us to spend more time together.”: This is a pretty ‘meh’ episode. The EMH is spectacular but I was able to figure out it was him almost right away, especially when they both weren’t on the screen right away. This is at least the third time we’ve seen the Hierarchy aliens, the first was in “Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy“, and I’m glad the second in command decided not to follow his “superior” officer. I did love how overly dramatic the EMH was at the end where he was “making amends” and then has the grace to be bashful when Torres fixes him. Otherwise, though, this episode doesn’t do much for the one before the finale and I’m kinda over it. This episode earns itself 5 museums in one day.

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