DS9: “Business as Usual” and “Ties of Blood and Water”

Date: August 3, 2020

Season 5, Episodes 18 and 19

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Favorite Quote from “Business as Usual”:

Quark: The Regent’s dead?

Sisko: A purification squad caught up with him this morning.

Quark: I can live with that, too. And I can think of twenty eight million other people who won’t mind either.

Sisko: Twenty eight million and one.

Quark and Sisko coming to an understanding.

So what had happened in “Business as Usual” was…: Quark’s cousin Gaila comes to Quark with a business proposition. Quark will show weapon projections in the holosuites so that he, Gaila, and Hagath can not actually break any laws. This pays off Quark’s debts quickly but Odo and Starfleet are unhappy. Unfortunately the Bajorans owe Hagath so they let it slide, but the bar suffers and Dax refuses to talk to Quark. An important client comes in who wants to destroy a lot of lives and Quark can’t take it, so he invites the opposing sides and sets them up to run into each other where Odo can arrest them all. All the while Kirayoshi cries whenever O’Brien isn’t holding him, which leads to all sorts of predicaments for O’Brien, until Worf holds the baby and he stops crying.

“…but you so much as litter on the Promenade and I will nail you to the wall”: I’ll start with the obvious adorableness of Kirayoshi and the ingenuity of O’Brien, which was a nice look at what life is like when mom is away and dad has to figure out how to be everywhere and do everything while caring for a tiny human. I love that it was Worf who calmed the baby and how regretful he was for not being there when Alexander was that small, though in his defense he didn’t know.

Boondock Saints weapons room
Imagine if the Boondock Saints had access to a holosuite of weapons…

This episode shows just how important customer service is, because the skills you learn there can take you literally anywhere. Quark really is a people person and makes an excellent bartender but he’s Ferengi enough that he’s always looking for a way to earn more profit and sadly, the restaurant industry is a hard place to earn a profit. He justifies what he does by saying he really hasn’t broken any laws (a technicality) and that it’s all for defense. So when the Regent comes in with his request and Quark sees that the price is too damn high, Quark knows that he has to come up with a plan. I disliked that they set up Hagath to be this big, bad scary guy and then the bad stuff happens off screen. It would have been more impactful to Quark if he had seen the fired associate die rather than hear about it from Gaila. Overall it was a good Quark episode, not great but it shows he’s developing a conscience and we finally got to meet cousin Gaila, and it was a cute O’Brien episode (O’Brien must dad and play darts with a baby in his arm, not suffer!). I give it 6 warm bottles of Enyak’s milk.

Favorite Quote from “Ties of Blood and Water”:

Kira: Come in.

Dukat: Major. Sorry to disturb you.

Kira: Sorry enough to leave?

Kira delivering a line with a lot of punch.

So what had happened in “Ties of Blood and Water” was…: Tekeny Ghemor is back and Kira is giddy to have him lead the Cardassian resistance, but instead he reveals he’s dying. Dukat contacts Sisko because Cardassia wants Ghemor to answer for his crimes while Kira and Ghemor discuss completing the shri-tal tradition where Ghemor will pass along all of his secrets to Kira. She agrees but also takes care of his pain management, getting him water, and being the primary caregiver. Kira has flashbacks to her father’s death, as she left to fight Cardassians and he died alone. Meanwhile Dukat and Weyoun (the fifth) arrive at DS9 waiving Ghemor’s daughter as the carrot to get him to come home, but Ghemor believes the Dominion price is too high. Kira and Ghemor fight over his military record but eventually Ghemor dies and Kira buries him on Bajor in between her parents.

When Weyoung V drinks the poison at mark 1:40 it’s FANTASTIC

“You shouldn’t get your hopes up.”: This was a hard episode to watch. My mother lived with us the last seven months of her life and she needed more care than I could give, it was hard to watch her decline so rapidly and there were tons of times we fought because it was easier than anything else at the time. My mom died on the first day of the Spring semester. I had gone into work that day but came home to find out she had slipped away just minutes earlier. I said my goodbyes that morning, not knowing, and I don’t regret going to work because I had no idea she would be gone so soon. Kira, on the other hand, didn’t want to deal with the grief of her father’s impending death and she was so deep in denial her only response was to kill Cardassians and then, when she realized he was dead, go out and kill some more because now she’s moved onto anger. Kira does a wonderful job transitioning from happy to concerned to dutiful to angry and eventually to full on grief and despair. Ghemor does what he can with the whole dying thing, but you can tell he’s upset with himself and that family is very important to him. Dukat does what Dukat does best – pander and spin absolutely everything to his advantage, but it’s Weyoun who steals the show by drinking the poisoned kanar (please watch the clip above, it’s fantastic). 7 shots of kanar, stat!

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