DS9: “Profit and Loss” and “Blood Oath”

Date: June 23, 2020

Season 2, Episodes 19 and 20

Musical Accompaniment: Whatever is playing on iTunes right now.

Interstellar News: I made 45 meatballs and two batches of cauliflower garlic sauce today. Let’s have a moment of silence for the half-a-bulb of garlic I destroyed.

Favorite Quote from “Profit and Loss”:

Garak: She’s chosen to associate herself with some rather flamboyant companions. It would be a tragedy if she got in the way when her friends go out of fashion.

Quark: If anyone tries to harm her, they’re going to have to deal with me.

Garak: What are you going to do, short change them at the Dabo table?

Gark choosing his words carefully, Quark doing his best Alpha male protector show, and Garak not buying it for a minute.

So what had happened in “Profit and Loss” was…: A Cardassian ship, with a professor and two students, is in trouble so O’Brien is going to repair the ship. Natima, the professor, is an old flame of Quark’s but there’s trouble when Garak sees them and O’Brien figures out the damage is from Cardassian disrupters. Natima explains she’s helping Hogue and Rekelen, two important leaders in the movement to lessen the hold of the military on Cardassia. Quark is absolutely smitten with Natima and vows to do anything for her, even grading Garak’s store with his presence. They have a very guarded conversation full of double entendre and then we find out Quark was selling food to Bajorans during the Cardassian occupation and stole money from the Cardassians, making it so Natima felt betrayed and left him.

Natima and Quark
“I promise, I’ll make it worth the wait.”

A Cardassian warship appears, Garak relays a message to and from Ops, and Quark tells the students he’ll give them the cloaking device he swore to Odo he didn’t have as long as Natima stays with him. Natima shoots Quark with a phaser and her strong facade breaks and she admits she’s still in love with him and of course she’ll stay with him once her students are safe. Odo chooses that exact moment to arrest Natima as her and her students will be traded for Bajoran prisoners THAT WERE ALREADY SUPPOSED TO BE FREED. Gul Toran comes to Garak and mentions Garak’s exile and the way to return home is to kill the trio. Quark propositions Odo but Odo was already there and frees the trio “for Justice”. The trio and Quark head to the ship where Garak is waiting to kill them but, at the last minute, turns the phaser on Gul Toran “for Cardassia”. Natima backs out on her deal but tells Quark they can be together once “Cardassia becomes a free and democratic society”, no big deal (waves hands in exuberant sarcasm).

“Different tastes for different people. Nothing wrong with that, is there?”

…”We take our politics very seriously.”: Poor Quark, always getting shot at. So I really liked a lot of this episode but it lost me at the end. We get to learn more about Garak, but he randomly decides to kill a Gul, maybe he knows that there’s never really any consequences for Trek characters. I mean it certainly appears that he planned to kill Toran all along, bringing an extra phaser and such, but it wasn’t well explained. It was also great to see an actual softer side of Quark and that he really does value something more than profit, but Natima was all over the place. She starts off by smacking him, then she’s openly hostile to him, then she sort of tolerates him, then she uses him and shoots him but is soooooo immediately regretful that she can’t keep up the game anymore. Then she waffles back and forth about leaving when we all know she’s going to leave or die, so I’m glad she didn’t die for Quark’s sake. I was proud of Kira for not making a big deal about Cardassians on the station and was relieved that Odo’s sense of justice outweighs anything else. I wanted to like this more but I just can’t so it’s the 4 Guls of the apocalypse for this episode.

Favorite Quote from “Blood Oath”:

Dax: That’s just it. They say I have no obligation to them. But I do. I know it, I feel it. If not to them, I owe it to Curzon.

Kira: Jadzia. Your questions about my experience with killing. If you’re wondering what it’s like. When you take someone’s life, you lose a part of your own as well.

I somewhat find it hard to imagine that, in seven lifetimes, Dax has never killed.

So what had happened in “Blood Oath” was…: Kor is super drunk in Quark’s holosuite and Odo puts him in holding to sleep it off. Koloth appears in security and Dax, of course, knows the old Klingons. Kang arrives and explains he’s putting the band back together again because he found “The Albino” and, after 81 years, they can finally avenge their firstborn’s deaths. Jadzia decides to uphold Curzon’s oath so she shames Kor, battles Koloth, and angers Kang until they all agree for her to come along. Kang decides on a strange battle plan and Dax gets him to reveal he made a deal with the Albino for one last battle, but she convinces him otherwise.

Kor, Kang, Jadzia Dax, and Koloth
The Band is back together!

On the planet they create a diversion and cut the power and engage in a glorious battle in the house. Koloth is stabbed and dies, but not before Kor tells him he’ll be a bard for him. Kang and the Albino fight and Kang is stabbed but Jadzia distracts the Albino enough for Kang to land the killing blow and they both die. Jadzia and Kor at the last two standing, though I’m pretty sure Kor got stabbed too. Dax returns to the station.

…”It is a good day to die”: I find it interesting that Curzon Dax was essentially “The Godfather” to a Klingon child and I also find it incredibly adorable, just don’t tell Kang. Jadzia proves she’s a badass when she’s telling the computer how to build her bat’leth, it almost felt like when James Bond orders his drink in Casino Royale. Speaking of drinks, Kor spends the episode bringing the comedy gold, especially when he is making fun of Koloth who really “ought to drink more”. Of the three Kor was my absolute favorite in this episode. He wasn’t phased by Dax being female, in fact he asked for a kiss, and he was along for the revenge almost as a secondary goal… he seemed super excited to be reunited with old friends and be in the company of alcohol and women. Koloth got a little lost but I did love that he got the drop on Odo and then just told him his name, like that explained everything and also the part where he was cutting cake with his dagger. Kang, ever the badass, falters a little when he deceives his comrades and “makes a deal with the devil”, but he rebounds quickly when Dax uses her science officer and Starfleet training to come up with a plan that would make even O’Brien proud. While it may never be a good day to lose a friend, this was a fantastic episode and it earns 10 martinis… shaken and not stirred.

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