DS9: “Necessary Evil” and “Second Sight”

Date: June 17, 2020

Season 2, Episodes 8 and 9

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Favorite Quote from “Necessary Evil”:

Kira: My last job was at a replicator plant on Bajor.

Odo: You’re not allowed to quit those jobs. What happened?

Kira: I hit a supervisor for trying what I thought you were trying a few minutes ago.

Odo: I appreciate your restraint this time.

The beautiful beginning to the Kira/Odo banter, which slightly edges out the Odo/Quark banter.

So what had happened in “Necessary Evil” was…: Quark meets with a Bajoran widow who wants him to retrieve something on DS9 from the store where her husband was murdered five years ago. As Quark leaves, a mystery man appears. Odo is super annoyed that he has to start a log and he submits one before shutting down the Promenade for the evening. Quark and Rom break into the shop, extract the box, and open it to find a list of eight Bajoran names. Rom goes to get a copier and the mystery man appears, takes the list, and shoots Quark.

Odo and Sisko question Rom
“I finally get the bar and I’m falsely accused of my brother’s murder.”

We get quite a few flashbacks interspersed between present day scenes. Gul Dukat calls in Odo to investigate the murder of a Bajoran chemist (the husband of the widow from earlier). The wife points to Kira and says they were having an affair, but Kira waves it off saying she was just there for the tea and she was at Quark’s at the time. Quark, after some prodding by Odo, admits Kira paid for an alibi. She admits to Odo she’s in the Bajoran Underground, but was sent to damage an ore processor.

The Bajoran widow in three of her outfits
For a woman who was only in a few scenes, she sure got a lot of costume changes.

In present time, Quark’s alive but just barely and Odo and Sisko use their charm to get Rom to tell them all he knows and remember as much as he can. Odo talks to the widow and notes that she’s recently come into some money just as he also finds out one of the names on the list is dead, just the night before. Our mystery man sneaks into the infirmary to suffocate Quark but Rom come in and screams the most piteous scream I’ve ever heard and by god I hope he never does so again. Odo, however, has put it all together that Kira really was the murderer all those years ago because Vaatrik and the names on the list were all Cardassian sympathizers.

…”I don’t drink.”: I love, love, love seeing Odo explain his process because the poor little humanoids don’t realize how observant he is, it’s like watching an alien Sherlock Holmes and I am all here for it. Odo’s snark-o-meter is up past 10 as he has to record the security logs (“Are these kinds of thoughts appropriate for a Starfleet log? I don’t care.”) and I love every damn word in them. It’s so wonderful to see where Odo was when we see his first memory and how much he comes to life when he begins the investigation. You can see how he was able to make a name and reputation for himself and how much he tried to distance himself from being known as a freak show.

The most interesting man in the world: "There are two types of people in this world: those who crave closure"
I am, very obviously, the first type.

I am, however, a little irked that they leave things unresolved at the end of episodes and then never return to them. Obviously Quark’s alive but how long did it take him to heal, did Rom have a mental breakdown when he did, and most importantly – did he change all the locks as he threatened? Seeing Rom be the most bad ass problem solver because he didn’t want to bother his brother is damn adorable and also quite awesome. I wonder if he and O’Brien will ever get matching decoder rings and become the Wonder Twins?

An image of the Wonder Twins.

There were just so many good moments in this episode. Sisko playing the “good family friend” card to con Rom into telling them what’s up, and Sisko becomes the “good cop” to Odo’s “bad cop” and is fucking fantastic. I mean Odo even quotes a Rule of Acquisition! The flashbacks were well integrated and we piece things together right about the time Odo is. I can’t find one thing that I disliked about this episode, so we’re keeping it a 10 on the snark-o-meter.

Favorite Quote from “Second Sight”:

Dax: Let’s hope it works. Right now, it’s a promising theory.

Seyetik: Of course it’ll work. I never fail. Well, I did once, but I found it didn’t agree with me. So I swore never to do it again and I never break my word. You should be glad you’re coming with me, Lieutenant. This’ll be my crowning achievement. Giving birth to a star. Even I will have a hard time topping that one.

Dax being a realist and Seyetik being, well, full of himself.

So what had happened in “Second Sight” was…: Sisko can’t sleep because it’s been four years since his wife’s death and Jake can’t sleep either, he had a bad dream and misses his mom too. Sisko is looking out into space (literally) when a beautiful woman named Fenna chats him up but then mysteriously disappears.

Fenna and Sisko talking
I mean just LOOK at that dress.

The station is welcoming Dr. Seyetik, a terraformer who is has plans to reactive a dead sun. Sisko runs into Fenna again and shows her around the station but she runs away despite having a good time and being drawn to Sisko. Jake asks his dad if he’s in love, Nog told him about “the signs”, and Jake says it’s okay if Sisko is in love – but he wants to meet her. The senior staff is at dinner on the Prometheus when they all meet Nidell, Seyetik’s wife, who looks exactly like Fenna. Nidell, however, has no idea who Sisko is. Sisko had asked Odo for help, so Odo comes to report he couldn’t find this Fenna woman, and then explains that no one has left the Prometheus aside from Seyetik. Fenna reappears near Sisko’s quarters, they kiss, and she disappears right in front of his eyes.

Seyetik and Nidell
I present to you my wife, who has never left the ship, is mated to me for life, and I hope none of you fuckers kissed her.

Dax and Seyetik are about to leave when Sisko decides to join them. Fenna reappears and Dax’s readings show she’s pure energy. They head to Nidell’s quarters and find she is passed out and Seyetik is absolutely furious. Turns out Nidell manifested Fenna because she was under a lot of stress, but she doesn’t remember anything about Fenna once she wakes up. Seyetik realizes his wife is unhappy but also knows that Halanans mate for life, so he puts himself in the pad and launches it so that he’ll die FOR SCIENCE! He, of course, wrote his own obituary. Fenna disappears and Nidell wakes up, determined to head back to her home world.

…”It’s hard to talk man to man with a woman.”: There are very few things I liked about this episode, but Dax was one of them. She is really coming into her own this season and is even comfortable about gossiping with Sisko and proving her worth as science officer. She’s also suitably flummoxed as to why Seyetik asks her for help when she’s not a doctor, but she doesn’t call for the ship’s doctor either so I don’t know what’s up with that. There was also the great moments of O’Brien fixing yet another thing that went wrong and Kira being suspicious of Sisko ordering tea instead of raktajino. I also reaaaaaaaaaaaaally loved Fenna’s outfit and absolutely want one. Seyetik manages to be super ridiculous and I’ve always loved Salli Richardson (Eureka, Gargoyles, and so many others), but I just wasn’t really sure how him killing himself made Fenna disappear, it was Nidell that needed to be de-stressed. I was just very underwhelmed by this episode, it’s 4 dead suns for this one.

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