DS9: “Move Along Home”, “The Nagus”, and “Vortex”

Date: June 20, 2020

Season 1, Episodes 9, 10, and 11

Musical Accompaniment: Finishing the piano covers and then moving to cello covers.

Interstellar News: Woke up with a 100 degree fever and a sinus infection. Took it easy and feeling a bit better, but absolutely not my best.

Favorite Quote from “Move Along Home”:

Sisko: Major, I gave you a direct order.

Kira: Court-martial me.

Sisko: I can’t. You’re not in Starfleet.

Dax: If I were your superior officer, I’d court-martial both of you.

Just a really great exchange between the three.

So what had happened in “Move Along Home” was…: Sisko and Jake need to have “the talk” but it’s got to wait until tomorrow morning because Sisko is in charge of First Contact with the Wadi. The Wadi want to go straight to Quarks to gamble but when they see Quark swindling them, they show him a new game.

Jumanji board game
Reminds me of another game where people get sucked in…

Sisko wakes up from a dream and he’s in a strange place with his uniform on, he’s also joined by Bashir, Dax, and Kira. Jake checks in with Odo because his dad is missing, and Odo berates Primmin for not being suspicious when none of the senior officers reported for duty. Soon Odo and Quark realize that the senior four are the pawns in the game and Quark is in charge of their well-being. In game they are facing obstacles, very much like the end of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, where they have to solve the puzzle before they can leave: hopscotch, having to drink before they choke to death, Bashir being moved out of the party, and ultimately trying to get out of a cave. They eventually all fall off the cliff and re-materialize in Quarks, unharmed, as they were never in any real danger.

Kenny Rodgers as "the gambler"
You’ve got to know when to hold ’em / Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away / And know when to run

…and then I found five dollars: Quark tries to convince Odo that he’s Kenny Rodgers, but alas you should never trust a gambler. This was an interesting concept and a less-than-textbook first contact situation, but it was cheapened at the end that no one was actually in danger. Maybe cheapened isn’t the word, but it took the sincerity of Quark’s breakdown right out. I do love that Odo blows on the dice and the Wadi are basically like “take me to your hookers and blow”, but those are the only redeeming things about this episode. 2 shaps for this game, Allamaraine!

Favorite Quote from “The Nagus”:

Nog: It happened in Quark’s. I put it on a table and there were some Vulcans nearby

O’Brien: Hold on. You’re saying Vulcans stole your homework?!

The oldest trick in the book, no matter what planet you’re from.

So what had happened in “The Nagus” was…: Sisko gets turned down by Jake because 14 year olds want to be with their friends rather than their parents, totally makes sense. The Godfather of the Ferengi, Grand Nagus Zek, comes to visit Quark and wants to hold a summit at the bar. He wants to lead the Ferengi into more lucrative ventures in the Gamma Quadrant, but he also wants to retire and names Quark as his successor – much to the chagrin of his son and all others at the bar. Soon after Zek dies and Quark’s life is threatened. Turns out Nog and Krax are trying to get Quark to sleep with the space fishes, but Zek is actually still alive and was testing his son… which failed miserably.

The OG Godfather having his ring kissed
So many good Godfather references.

O’Brien is filling in for Keiko at school, poor substitute teacher O’Brien. Nog is told by his father that he’s got to stop going to school. This leads to a rift between Nog and Jake, but is later cleared up as Jake tutors Nog in his spare time. Sisko is the most adorable father as he’s all pissed and then realizes he raised a really good kid. Oh and Dax gets to eat some stew so it doesn’t go to waste.

…and then I found five dollars: As a teacher, I laughed a lot at the “Vulcans stole your homework” bit, probably more than I should. It’s wonderful that O’Brien is filling in while his wife is traveling and that there are a lot of students in the school now. It’s also adorably heartwarming that Jake realized he and Nog could still be friends despite their cultural differences. Nog will certainly have a leg up from other Ferengi if he can read and they cannot, for one. I am sad, however, that Jake didn’t want to see the Gratitude Festival… cause I kind of wanted to.

Two dogs sitting in front of a laptop. One says to the other "and then I just hit delete. I haven't actually eaten any homework for years."
Delete sends to the Recycling Bin, which then goes into Temp Storage, and nothing is actually ever deleted… by the way.

This was a great vehicle for us to see more of the Ferengi culture and Wallace Shawn was fantastic as Zek. It makes sense that the Ferengi want to expand their business to the new quadrant just as it makes sense that Zek wanted to retire. It was a little too convenient that he died, and I was pretty sure his son had done it until well Zek reappeared of course. Rom grows a pair and stands up to his brother, for which Quark is elated. Also the guy who was with Zek totally reminded me of Edward Scissorhands… right? Anyway, this was a fun little episode and I give it 7 rules of acquisition.

Favorite Quote from “Vortex”:

Odo: I think I finally figured out what crime you were found guilty of on your world.

Croden: What’s that?

Odo: You talked too much.

Odo with the snark and the sass.

So what had happened in “Vortex” was…: Quark and Odo discuss some of the new arrivals at the station, including a man named Croden and two twin Miradorns. The Miradorns have an object they want to sell but it’s likely stolen and Quark stalls them for a bit until Croden comes in and tries to get it from them. There’s a shoot out, Odo forms from a glass, and one of the twins dies. Dax and Sisko head to Croden’s planet but they don’t care about anything other than getting him back to pay for his crimes.

Odo's necklace
Let your imagination run wild with this one.

Croden alludes that he knows about changelings, Odo’s people, and shows him a necklace that has shifting capabilities. Odo is charged with taking Croden back to Rakhar, but the Miradorn follows them and they are forced to land where “Odo’s people are”, but it was all a lie. Croden was able to save his daughter and asks Odo to take her back, which he agrees. They fight off the Miradorn ship and are then hailed by a Vulcan vessel, so Odo has the idea to allow Croden and his daughter to be sent there.

Croden and his daughter
Another single dad just trying to do the right thing.

…and then I found five dollars: I love that Odo is genuinely curious but truly puts his duty above all else, so it’s such a bummer that Odo doesn’t really get any answers to his ancestry. Croden is an interesting “bad guy”, especially because he wants to do the right thing and then doesn’t and then ultimately does because he knows leaving Odo behind just isn’t the right thing to do. The interesting twist is Croden does this all for the one child he could save and was really willing to fall on his sword so she could have a better life. Odo realizes that maybe a fresh start is what they both need, and maybe they’ll be happy on Vulcan or at least far away from the Gamma Quadrant. What I don’t understand is how Odo was knocked unconscious if he doesn’t really have a form. I also am curious why Quark was helping Croden in the first place and what significance the stolen object had, that’s all still a mystery. I didn’t hate this episode, but I didn’t love it either. 5 necklaces for Odo.

TA Out!

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