DS9: “Dax” and “The Passenger”

Date: June 9, 2020

Season 1, Episodes 7 and 8

Musical Accompaniment: Some piano covers.

Interstellar News: Had a sore throat all day, ugh.

Favorite Quote from “Dax”:

Renora: This will be an informal hearing, so I’m going to start with some informal advice. I am one hundred years old. I do not have time to squander listening to superfluous language. In short, I intend being here until supper, not senility. Understood?

Tandro: Understood, Madame Arbiter.

Renora, the arbiter, is fantastic.

Kick-ass Kira: “They must have given you the layout, which not only compromises Bajoran security, but also annoys us.”

So what had happened in “Dax” was…: O’Brien is off station so everyone is trying to fill his shoes. Bashir is striking out with Dax, as usual, but thankfully his stalker tendencies lead to him seeing Dax being kidnapped. They’re able to stop the ship but this leads to Dax being charged with treason and murder when she was Curzon, her last host. Dax is quiet for the entire episode, so it’s up to Sisko and the others to advocate for her, including calling a Bajoran arbiter to determine extradition, who is the most amazing character of the entire episode. Odo bullies Quark into shutting down the bar so they can use it for the hearing, gotta love using building codes as weapons.

Renora, the arbiter from Bajor
This is one amazing arbiter. Move over Judge Judy.

The hearing proceeds with both sides making really great arguments. Sisko argues that each new host is its own person and we find out more about the Trills and a bit more about both Curzon and Jadzia. Tandro argues that the Trill inside as well as the new host retain the memories and actions of the previous ones and why can’t she stand trial for something committed by at least half of her? The arbiter is fantastic through all of this. She’s a pip, sharp as a tack, and doesn’t let anyone get away with anything in her courtroom. Odo heads to Klaestron IV to do his own investigation where he discovers Curzon and the murdered man’s widow had an affair. The widow returns with Odo to explain that Curzon couldn’t have done all this because he was with her at the time and Tandro is back to square one with his investigation.

Harrison Ford as "The Fugitive"
*waves hands* This is not the fugitive you’re looking for…

…and then I found five dollars: I loved this as a vehicle to learn more about the Trills but absolutely hate that Dax, the character for whom the episode is named after, did absolutely nothing in the entire episode. Both Dax and Bashir could have hit their com badges at anytime and didn’t, leading to Dax almost being kidnapped for real. Sisko does a fine job in figuring out why, with a warrant and all Tandro didn’t just come to him, and that was well done. I love when he hands things over to Kira and she gets this look on her face that expresses just how snotty she’s going to be at you, it’s fantastic. She delivers her lines well and loves to be in the right, for Bajor of course. As always, Odo and Quark have amazing banter and are the very best “frenemies” to each other. This episode, along with the few before it, also points out the security holes due to taking over a Cardassian station, along with all of the other things that are bound to breakdown after almost 20 years. Anyway, I strangely liked this episode… but mostly because of Renora. Okay, also because Sisko clearly wears his emotions on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to be angry or passionate or any other emotion. As someone with a temper, I give this episode 6.5 seconds of rage.

Favorite Quote from “The Passenger”:

Quark: Poor woman. She’s obviously infatuated with me.

Odo: You’re deluding yourself.

Quark: There’s nothing wrong with a good delusion. I sell them upstairs to dozens of people every day. Besides, there is something in her eyes when she looks at me.

Odo: An allergic reaction, no doubt.

Odo, quick with the lines AND the snark.

So what had happened in “The Passenger” was…: Kira and Bashir are returning in a roundabout when they receive a distress call. Two lifeforms are on board but one dies before they can make it back, though he was a prisoner. Kajada is adamant that Vantika is still alive, he’s done this before. The station begins to have some computer problems which Kajada explains away as Vantika. Meanwhile Odo is dealing with a new Starfleet security officer and has suspicions that Quark is trying to steal the shipment of deuridium.

Kajada opening fire in front of Dax
Not anyone’s problem anymore, no sir.

Turns out Quark was in league with Vantika who is still alive. Bashir and Dax believe Vantika might be hiding in Kajada’s brain, but it turns out he’s hiding in Bashir’s brain. Bashir (as Vantika) and some mercenaries take over the ship with the deuridium but Dax is able to knock Bashir’s mind back to the front and eventually beam out the parts of Vantika into a tiny container that reminds me of the Ghostbusters trap when it has a ghost in it. Kajada, taking no chances, incinerates the container and leaves with the shipment.

…and then I found five dollars: Bashir is the absolute worst. He’s smug at the top of the episode, is still too green to be dealing with dangerous men, and then gets himself brain hijacked and can’t even act like a bad guy. He over enunciates every word, like he’s talking slowly so that even a child could understand him. I will admit it was a nice twist, though I thought it would be awesome if Kajada was chasing herself. While I loved the ending of Kajada shooting him to smithereens, I’m a bit confused why he was even alive in the first place. If she had the authority to kill him without a trial or bringing him back to their planet, how could she just straight up murder him with no one batting an eyelash? I was very underwhelmed by this episode, though I did think the transferring his mind into someone else’s was interesting… oh wait, it’s been done. 3 mercs for Julian, poor soul.

TA Out!

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