VOY: “Worst Case Scenario”

Date: November 8, 2020 Season 3, Episode 25 Musical Accompaniment: Listening to my cat Jazz sing us the song of his people, because he’s super hungry and we apparently never feed him (waves hands in very obvious sarcasm). Been listening to “Cleopatra” by The Lumineers a bunch. Interstellar News: Another beautiful day and one whereContinue reading “VOY: “Worst Case Scenario””

VOY: “Displaced”

Date: November 6, 2020 Season 3, Episode 24 Musical Accompaniment: Watching “80’s week” of the Great British Baking Show. Interstellar News: This week was not as bad as last week, but it was still very busy. Today was another another beautiful day, weather wise, and it was great to have our friend along for ourContinue reading “VOY: “Displaced””

VOY: “Distant Origin”

Date: November 5, 2020 Season 3, Episode 23 Musical Accompaniment: Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, We the Kings, and a bunch of other pop punk awesomeness Interstellar News: Still no word on el Presidente… sigh. TL;DR: A Voth scientist named Gegen finds Hogan’s remains on Hanon IV and it’s a genetic match for his species.Continue reading “VOY: “Distant Origin””

VOY: “Real Life”

Date: November 4, 2020 Season 3, Episode 22 Musical Accompaniment: Inspirational movie soundtracks Interstellar News: Another busy work day, another stressful night of not knowing. At least I did four loads of laundry today. TL;DR: Voyager is supposed to meet up with the Vostigye at their space station, but it’s been destroyed. They follow theContinue reading “VOY: “Real Life””

VOY: “Before and After”

Date: November 1, 2020 Season 3, Episode 21 Musical Accompaniment: Some Skyrim music Interstellar News: Happy first day of Thanksgiving. Christmas season doesn’t start until Black Friday, and that’s only if you celebrate. I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas with a dear friend this morning over Zoom, and it was absolutely delightful. A great movieContinue reading “VOY: “Before and After””