VOY: “Scientific Method”

Date: November 16, 2020 Season 4, Episode 7 Musical Accompaniment: “In The Forests of Tamriel” by Jeremy Soule Interstellar News: Today I organized a lot of stuff and it was glorious. I also ate a lot of yummy food. There was no terrible weather, guess it got everything out over the last few days. TL;DR:Continue reading “VOY: “Scientific Method””

VOY: “The Raven”

Date: November 15, 2020 Season 4, Episode 6 Musical Accompaniment: Some more Skyrim music because… dragons. Interstellar News: There was a tornado warning and lots of rain, but all is now well. TL;DR: Janeway and Seven are in da Vinci’s workshop working with clay when Seven has a flashback to when she was assimilated. TheContinue reading “VOY: “The Raven””

VOY: “Day of Honor”

Date: November 12, 2020 Season 4, Episode 3 Musical Accompaniment: The Elder Scrolls ultimate compilation Interstellar News: Today was a good day to not die. Seriously, there was all kinds of flooding and car accidents and I am very happy to be alive. TL;DR: Seven requests a duty assignment and is put in Engineering, muchContinue reading “VOY: “Day of Honor””