VOY: “Revulsion”

Date: November 14, 2020

Season 4, Episode 5

Musical Accompaniment: Lots of Blink 182 today.

Interstellar News: I went on a really long walk today and saw a really big deer and almost went through a murder tunnel. One shower later, I’m glad I got my 10,000 steps in today.

TL;DR: An isomorphic projection (read: hologram) drags a dead body throughout a ship and then puts out a distress call. On Voyager everyone is telling stories about Tuvok because he’s being promoted. Paris and Torres finally kiss but then the Doctor interrupts to voluntell Paris to take over for Kes. They receive the distress call and the Doctor is all atwitter to help a fellow hologram, so he and Torres take a shuttle to go investigate while Kim and Seven work together to upgrade a lab and Neelix tries out the role of Ambassador. Torres and the Doctor meet Dejaren and he tells them there was an accident and now he’s all alone. It’s soon made clear that he’s a nutjob (that’s totally a clinical term), hate organic species, and totally killed the crew. Dejaren damages the Doctor’s mobile emitter but Torres disables him before he can kill her. They get back to Voyager where all is well, except for Kim is who waaaaaaay over his head when it comes to his crush on Seven of Nine.

Favorite Quote:

Janeway: For outstanding services, Chief Tactical and Security Officer, it’s my pleasure to grant you the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations, Tuvok.

TUVOK: Thank you, Captain. Had I known this commendation entailed ritual humiliation, I might have declined. However, I accept it with gratitude and will honor the responsibility that comes with it. During my three years on Voyager I have grown to respect a great many of you. Others I have learned to tolerate. As your Tactical Officer, I will continue to do my best to ensure a safe passage home. As a Vulcan, I share the following sentiment. Live long and prosper.

Tuvok being extra sassy during his promotion.
you disgust me (from spongebob)
rom spongebob_

“Bring a tricorder and a smile.”: There’s a lot going on in this episode and most if it is good. I was at first confused why Neelix was just now being an “ambassador”, but it makes sense because he’s so friendly and talkative. He’s also native to the DQ even if he hasn’t been this far before so it eventually made sense to me, so there. I love how passionate the EMH is about meeting new holograms and helping them, as well as how excited he gets about going on away missions. I kinda dislike how much Janeway humors him and others on the crew some times, but what else is she going to do? It was a fun little mystery to find out what the hologram did and why he did it, and it’s interesting how the technology we create can evolve beyond what we think. The best part, although it was the smallest part, was Seven and Kim working together. This was mostly from the exchange between them when Kim is trying to get to know Seven and Seven just wants to cut to the chase and have sex with him if that’s what he wants. Kim is so embarrassed and has no idea what to do, poor kid. This episode earns itself 6 ravioli with vodka sauce.

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