TOS: Season 3, Episodes 7 – 9 (Jan 29, 2020)

Series and Season: Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 3

Episode #,and Episode Name: 7 – “Day of the Dove”, 8 – “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”, and 9 – “The Tholian Web”

Setting the Stage: I watched episodes 7 and 8 beginning at 7:30 pm on January 28, 2020, still watching Netflix and using their viewing order. I watched Episode 9 at 7:00 pm on January 29, 2020, also on Netflix. I had two long days at work, with lots of meetings, and coming home to eat dinner and watch one episode was enough for me tonight. Husband, Tempura, and Zoom were ever present, and everyone else was asleep. I might try to get way ahead this Saturday, though, if I’m going to watch the sportsball happening on Sunday, there won’t be time for Trek. Oh, and I’m listening to more Star Wars soundtracks this evening.

Quick Summary with my Impressions: “Day of the Dove” has Kirk and company beam down, apparently a settlement has been eliminated. There’s a shiny ball of energy following them, as well as the Klingons, and one just up and bitch slaps Kirk, whoa. They have the Klingons in horrible makeup that makes it look like blackface, and why do the bad guys have to be brown? Sigh. Also, how was the landing party taken over so easily? Chekov gets angry at the Klingons because they killed his brother, so he gets tortured first, but his screams are pretty terrible. Kirk “surrenders” but keeps the Klingons stranded in transit until security can get there. The ball of energy seemed to follow them while the Enterprise is going to assist those who were stranded on the Klingon ship and we meet female Klingons for the first time. Uhura is flummoxed by the lack of communications and the Enterprise is racing toward heading out of the galaxy, again. Didn’t we just do this? Um, why is everything turning into swords?!?! Chekov swears a vendetta and leaves his post, but apparently he’s an only child, curiouser and curiouser.

Everyone starts to get a little hot headed, McCoy and Scotty get a lot racist, and Spock stops gives into his human anger for just a few minutes. Kirk thinks something is staging a war for them. Chekov jumps Kang and his wife, and then WHAT THE HELL Chekov?! Kirk rightfully punches him out, and then carries him to sickbay showing off his manly man strength. They figure out the alien feeds off of their argumentative energy, and Kirk knows they need to be at peace in order to destroy it. Oh, another sword fight while a woman tries to talk sense into her husband… and now lets everyone get involved! Kang finally gets it and they all tell the alien to get out while laughing at it.

Kang and Kirk laugh, while Kirk is confused from
Kang and Kirk laugh, while Kirk is confused from

I have thoughts. Lots of thoughts, and a lot of questions too. This was an interesting story, but there were just too many things wrong. Why was Chekov the only one who had a made up backstory implanted? Why did they just send the alien away to torture some other group of innocents? How did it call them there to begin with? Of the three Klingon commanders we have seen so far, Kang is my favorite. He is what I expected the Klingons to be when I started watching the series. He just has this air of badassery surrounding him. Husband tells me I will see those three again in Deep Space Nine and keeps trying to convince me to watch that next, as it is his favorite. I’m also appalled by Chekov’s behavior towards women, even if he’s being mindfucked that’s no way to treat another person, ever. I did, however, enjoy the sword fights and eventually everyone decided to work together and diplomacy won the day. This episode gets 7 coconuts, some as big as your head, but none with a lime in them. Oh and when I heard “Kang”, this image popped into my head:

Kang the Conqueror, from Marvel
Kang the Conqueror, from

“For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky” is, quite possibly, the longest title ever! McCoy and Chapel get into an argument, she storms away, and McCoy tells Kirk that he has one year to live with a terminal illness, whaaat?! There’s an asteroid that has a missile on it… that’s no moon, it’s a spaceship and it’s heading toward Darren V.

"That's no moon, it's a space station" from Star Wars
from Star Wars, and

Our three heroes beam over to the ship that is registering no life forms, but totally has life forms, surprise! They are attacked by a strange voice and some electricity, and wake up in a room where Kirk divulges McCoy’s secret. Kirk treats McCoy like people treat pregnant women sometimes, and I’m already over that bullshit. At least Spock gives the kindest gesture he can, and it’s quite touching. The priestess has the hots for McCoy, so he stays behind while Spock and Kirk go exploring. McCoy has fun flirting until the “m” word is used (mate, not marriage – get your head out of the gutter!), so he lets her know he has one year to live and then they share a smooch. She would rather spend one year with him than spend a lifetime without him, it’s very Lord of the Rings.

"I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone" from LOTR
from Lord of the Rings, and

Kirk and Spock break into the room that was supposedly off limits and are found out, while McCoy decides to stay with the priestess as long as she lets them live.  Kirk and Spock go back to the Enterprise alone, but then head back to the “asteroid” to try and read “the book” while the Oracle tries to kill them by heating the room. Of course the day is saved, and the ship just so happens to have had the medical advances necessary to cure McCoy, how convenient.

I absolutely thought this was a great episode, except for all of the damn plot holes or other things that just don’t make sense. Why does it matter that they are on a ship? Also the romance between the priestess and McCoy doesn’t make a lot of sense, there are no lead up and she’s all like “mate with me” and he agrees! I understand people make emotional decisions when they are terminal, but come on McCoy you just met this woman! I did like that the Fabrini tried to save their civilization (hello Kryptonians, don’t just send two children), but the way they went about it was too secretive and also a little stupid. I mean, if you knew they were going to be wandering space for thousands of years, wouldn’t you want SOMEONE to check on the engines? Also, for someone so in love McCoy leaves his new lady pretty quickly once he was healed, typical. This episode gets 6 slices of pepperoni.

"Hey I just met you, and this is crazy? False. This is a rational way to initiate courtship" Dwight Schrute.
Dwight, from The Office, from

“The Tholian Web” has Spock telling Kirk the sensors are working, but clearly they are not and why is the Defiant green? Ooooh, the landing party dons spacesuits, that’s new. Oh no, the crew is dead and they apparently killed each other. Chekov starts to get dizzy, and McCoy finds a body that is now starting to disappear… along with the rest of the ship. Of course the transporter isn’t working, so Kirk decides to stay behind while the other three beam back. The Defiant vanishes with Kirk on it. While on the bridge, Chekov freaks out… he really does have an awful scream, get it together Koenig! While waiting, the Enterprise runs into the Tholians, who claim the space. When they fail to retrieve Kirk the first time, the Tholians fire, the Enterprise fires back, and then the Tholians come back and build a web, I wonder where the idea came from, hmmmmm. Spock calls a briefing and declares Kirk dead, so he and McCoy listen to Kirk’s voice recording, his final orders. Uhura and Scotty see visions of Kirk floating through space, and the mystery murderous rage is spreading through the ship. McCoy figures out the antidote, the web is closed, and Kirk reappears. Once Kirk is back on the ship, Spock and McCoy lie about hearing the “final orders”, and away they go.

the Tholian web

This episode had a strange medical mystery, interaction with reasonable alien lifeforms, drama, and no romance! There are some things I have to point out, like the “no mutiny in Starfleet history” thing? Didn’t Spock totally take over in “The Menagerie”, even if it was for a very good reason? Aren’t Vulcans unable to lie? Did Spock tap into his human side because he experienced, dare I say, embarrassment? Also, is Kirk just that good and knows that if he died that McCoy and Spock would be acting the way they were, or was that just a way to talk some sense into the two? Also, why do the Tholians look like luchadors – or is it just me? This episode gets 6 Stone Cold Stunners and a People’s Eyebrow for good measure.

TA Out!

Jan 28, 2020 – I am le tired

Good evening loyal readers.

I did watch two episodes tonight, but I am exhausted and can’t bear to write about them right now. I worked a full day and had several back-to-back meetings that kept me late, so I am “le tired”.

One of my favorite videos in my undergraduate days was “The End of the World”, which then came out with a sequel a few years ago, and is the inspiration for me always saying “but I am le tired”.

There’s a LOT of language and dark humor, but I needed a laugh tonight so I’ll treat you to two AND a cat picture to make up for my lack of Star Trek tonight.

LANGUAGE! per Captain America, from
LANGUAGE! per Captain America, from

The original video: The End Of The World


And, as promised, a cat picture that has FOUR CATS in it:

TA out!

TOS: Season 3, Episode 6, “Spectre of the Gun” (Jan 27, 2020)

Series and Season: Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 3

Episode #,and Episode Name: 6 – “Spectre of the Gun”

Setting the Stage: I started at 7:00 pm, still watching Netflix and using their viewing order. I had a long day of meetings and teaching, and we had a delicious taco dinner, and I can’t believe it’s only Monday because it already feels like I’ve had a hell of a week. Again, I planned at least two episodes and only was able to watch one. While I am writing this up, it’s a Daft Punk and Linkin Park kind of night.

I also recently figured out that Firefox has more menu options than Chrome, so I have figured out how to categorize things and am hoping to update some of the pages. I hope you like the new menu (available at the top and bottom of each page). Let me know if anything is amiss!

Lastly, I figured out who the Slytherin on the bridge is – it’s Chekov! First, in “Mirror, Mirror” we have him wanting to move up via the assassination of Kirk. Next, in “And the Children Shall Lead“, it’s Chekov that is tapped by the children to try and arrest Kirk on “federation orders”. I think he has the motivation, work ethic, and ambition to be more than he is. That makes the set of Gryffindor (Kirk), Slytherin (Chekov), Ravenclaw (Spock), and Hufflepuff (McCoy).

Hogwarts Crest, from
Hogwarts Crest, from

Quick Summary with my Impressions: “Spectre of the Gun” begins with the Enterprise being followed by a shiny, multicolored beacon and then an entity speaks to each of the crew in their native tongue telling them to leave. So what do they do? Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Chekov, and Scotty all beam down to the planet of course! They find themselves in a dense fog when a voice tells them they shouldn’t have come and transfers them to a place that appears to be the Wild West. Apparently we are going to watch the Star Trek rendition of Tombstone, which I have seen, but the crew is set as the ill-fated Clantons.

The four leads of the movie Tombstone, from
The four leads of the movie Tombstone, from

As they walk into the bar, everyone recognizes them as the Clantons, and Chekov gets some smooching time with the barmaid, who is head over heels in love with him. The crew can’t leave the area, so they all gather up supplies to try and endeavor to “MacGyver” some weapons and other self-defense items. Chekov is adorable with Slyvia, the barmaid, but understands he can’t go so far as to marry her – which is what she wants. The actors who play the Earps are almost mechanical and quite stiff, not sure if that’s because this is supposed to be a replay of the O.K. Corral shooting or because they were just all bad actors. Earp and Chekov get into an argument over Sylvia, Earp shoots, and Chekov dies. Spock points out that Billy (who was Chekov’s counterpart in this story) didn’t die in the original O.K. Corral, so he theorizes that Chekov only died because he thought the bullets were real. This leads to Spock using the Vulcan mind melding stuff with the others in order to make them have faith that nothing is actually real. Somehow they wind up back on the ship, even Chekov! The Melkotians are most impressed that Kirk has outgrown his ancestral appetite for violence, and invites the crew to talk of joining the Federation.

"Mostly dead is slightly alive", from
Mostly dead is slightly alive, from

I was positive Chekov wasn’t dead, but I didn’t think it was an illusion until everyone was magically back on the Enterprise. If you don’t understand the reference above, I’m not sure if we can still be friends. The Earps were super mechanical, like they were reading off a script, which I am sure was intentional but just added to the idea that the setting wasn’t as real as the Melkotians may have intended. Each Earp said they were going to kill the crew “at 5:01 pm” so many times! Thinking about the crew, though, they really kept to their mission this time. They spoke from a place of peace and didn’t ever throw the first punch or go out of their way to make trouble, they really wanted to talk… honest!

One thing that bothers me is when Scotty and McCoy gang up on Spock for not having the “appropriate” reaction to Chekov being dead. First, regardless of if you are Vulcan or Human, there is no correct way to grieve. I hope that’s loud enough for all of you in the back. Yes there are the usual steps, but everyone goes through them in their own way. The best way to help someone who is grieving is to be there for them and make sure they are taking care of themselves. Now that I’m off my counseling soapbox, I did like how everyone tried to make the tranquilizers and other non-lethal weapons in order to really stick to the “I don’t want to kill you I just want to talk about peace” mission. I give this episode a 4.7 liter v8 engine, mostly to annoy my husband.

TA out!

TOS: Season 3, Episode 5, “Is There In Truth No Beauty?” (Jan 26, 2020)

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Series and Season: Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 3

Episode #,and Episode Name: 5 – “Is There In Truth No Beauty?”

Setting the Stage: I started at 6:30 pm, still watching via Netflix and using their viewing order. As it is laundry day, and we stopped for dinner, it took me almost 2 hours to watch this episode. I fully intended to watch a second episode while I worked out, but it’s already 9:30 and I am exhausted. Travel will do that to you, kids. Well, travel and grocery shopping, and four loads of laundry, and walking your dog, and… yeah. Tempura, the husband, and Professor Zoom were all in attendance for the entire episode. I’m pretty sure Jazz and Thor made a cameo appearance, but Loki still wants absolutely nothing to do with Star Trek.

Tonight I write to the melodies of Minus the Bear and The London Symphony Orchestra (Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack). I also have one very tired puppy sleeping next to me, who clearly missed me while I was out of town. I am missing New York; my friends, their cats, and the fooooood (salty Italian meats and pizza to be exact), but it is good to be home with my furbabies.

Quick Summary with my Impressions: “Is There In Truth No Beauty?” Apparently humans go nuts when they see Medusans, and the Enterprise is picking up an ambassador and some assistants to transfer. Vulcans, however, may use a visor so Spock gets to greet Dr. Jones and Ambassador Kollos; or as I like to call him the “ambassador in a box”. Looks like Spock has met his personality match with Dr. Jones, and I am loving her outfit. Why do I want to cosplay all of the things?

Spock and Dr. Jones carrying Kollos, from
Spock and Dr. Jones carrying Kollos, from

Kirk says “fascinating” and I’m howling with laughter, it was well timed. All of the men, including Spock, are head over heels with Dr. Jones at dinner, but something is wrong and she leaves for her quarters. Apparently Larry has the hots for Dr. Jones and shares a passionate kiss with her; he wants her and she wants to go away with the ambassador to do her work. Oh poor, dumb Larry – he looked at the ambassador and runs away, whereas Dr. Jones doesn’t even need the visor apparently, interesting. Larry gets into it with Scotty in the engine room and puts the Enterprise into unknown space, and then he dies. Kirk is being flirty with Dr. Jones to try and distract her from stopping Spock, but he’s also being a pushy bastard telling her she is young and shouldn’t give up her youth for something “ugly”. Oh snap, Miranda is blind… that’s why she can deal with the Kollos. Spock does some Vulcan mind magic to bind with Kollos, and WHY IS SPOCK LAUGHING and SMILING? This is weird. After the crisis is averted, and the Enterprise is back to where they needed to be, Spock needs to reverse the mind meld but he forgets the visor. Kirk believes Dr. Jones made Spock forget the visor and he berates her, but she understands Spock needs to be cured and she tries to help. As they leave, why was Kirk standing in the transporter room NOT wearing a visor? They made SUCH a big deal of it at the top of the episode and then just forget? Sigh.

Spock in his visor, giving the Vulcan hand symbol. from
Spock in his visor, giving the Vulcan hand symbol. from

Not only is this apparently the “season of the brunette”, but it’s also where Spock gets to have some “romantic” interludes with some of the female guest stars – in the most Spock was ever, of course. I liked that there were several hints to why Dr. Jones was different than other humans, but the reveal about her being blind truly stunned those on the ship (and likely many viewers). I also believe this marks the first person with no vision on the show, and aside from McCoy being a bit snotty to her about not being able to fly the ship, it was not made into a big deal. For the 1960’s, Star Trek was pretty diverse and progressive in some ways, and in others it was just a product of the time. Overall this was not a terrible episode, but it wasn’t all that great either. 6 tiny piglets running through the mud for this episode.

The one question I have for Spock is: What’s in the box?

What's in the box? Brad Pitt from Seven. from
What’s in the box? Brad Pitt from Seven. from

TA out!

TOS: Season 3, Episodes 3 and 4 (Jan 25, 2020)

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Series and Season: Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 3

Episode #,and Episode Name: 3 – “The Paradise Syndrome” and 4 “And the Children Shall Lead”

Setting the Stage: I actually watched these episodes yesterday, still watching via Netflix and using their viewing order. I watched these two episodes with my friends; the third episode was spent on the couch, with a cat to my left and a Trekkie to my right. The fourth episode was shared while the three of us ate a very tasty dinner and I got to drink some Manhattan Special, I really do have the best friends.

I’m sitting at the airport trying to finish this post, because I have an engagement party to go to as soon as I arrive back home. Thank the internet gods for free WI-fi at LGA, although it’s cold, rainy, and windy outside. I’ve got my iPod running and we’re starting out with “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” from Pink, so it’s going to be an interesting writing session. Just as I finished writing the last sentence, we moved to “Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood and apparently I’ll be writing to angry, passionate, wronged women today.

Quick Summary with my Impressions: “The Paradise Syndrome” opens with a big green obelisk and apparently a meteor is coming in a few months to destroy the planet. The Enterprise is on a mission to help nudge the meteor elsewhere, but as soon as they are about to leave Kirk falls into it and is electrocuted. McCoy and Spock have no idea where their captain went, so they leave him as the meteor window is closing. Back on the Enterprise, Scotty is worried about his engines like a father who is worried about his child, and it’s adorable. Due to the electrocution, Kirk has amnesia. So when he exits the obelisk, the locals think he is a god come to save them. He is then invited to the tribe and performs CPR to revive a drowned child, so they are now certain he’s a god. That reminds me of another false, gold god:

C3P0 as the false golden god of the Ewoks, from

For the record, Shatner does not give as good of eyebrow as Nimoy. Back on the Enterprise they can’t move the asteroid, they are losing power, and they decide to make their way back to the planet – but it will take almost 2 months. There’s a whole lot of “awww” in the exchange between Miramanee and Kirk, he really does look happy and I’m sure this is what it might be like if he didn’t choose a life of service to Starfleet. McCoy is dramatic as usual and Spock is thinking, also as usual. Silash is jealous and tries to knife Kirk, but Kirk is merciful. Ah, shirtless Kirk with his new bride… I knew we couldn’t go too long without seeing him shirtless. This kind of feels like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service when James Bond gets married, it’s a little weird. Spock figures out the symbols, but Kirk and Miramanee are being stoned by the villagers. When McCoy and Spock show up they COMPLETELY ignore Miramanee, what gives? More Vulcan mind magic and Kirk is back, and they save the day… but not the girl.

OHMSS James Bond Wedding Scene, from
OHMSS James Bond Wedding Scene, from

I totally get why the wife had to die, they did it in OHMSS too. What I don’t get is why did they all act like she wasn’t even there? There’s also the issue of Native American stereotypes, the, jamming two months into a 50 minute episode, and McCoy being overly dramatic and almost insubordinate to Spock when he was in control. My biggest question, though, is why didn’t they just check out the planet AFTER they destroyed the meteor? Doesn’t make much sense to only leave a 30 minute gap to meet your deadline. The only two things about this episode that were good and pure were Scotty and, surprisingly, Kirk. We get to see Scotty being a mother hen to his beloved Enterprise and we get a glimpse into the future Kirk may have had if he had not the desire to captain a star ship. I give this episode 4 macarons, you know the French ones that almost always have almonds in them so I can’t eat them… those.

red velvet macarons, from
red velvet macarons, from

“And the Children Shall Lead” begin with the landing party encountering at least eight dead adults, and it looks like a mass suicide. All of a sudden, their children run out and are not in the least bit concerned, they are running and playing. Kirk and Spock check out the cave and Kirk becomes anxious, a very strange feeling overcomes him… but not Spock. Back on the ship the kids eat ice cream but then are snotty to Kirk and Chapel and only want to play. The kids chant and this creepy guy we later find out to be named Gorgon, shows up, and he gets the Disney Villian treatment.

Gorgon from
Gorgon from

One by one, the children take over the bridge, engineering, and other areas of the ship. Kirk doesn’t realize they have left orbit of the planet and sends down two red shirts to relieve the two they left, and they get spaced. Chekov tries to arrest Kirk and the kids have taken over the ship and most of the crew members. Kirk has a hunch and shows the kids a video of them having fun with their families, which breaks the connection with Gorgon. However, he then shows them their dead parents, so it’s slightly traumatic, but kids are resilient and they’re now crying so McCoy thinks they can now help. On this bit, I agree because you need to face your trauma and, sometimes, cry it out before you can start working on your grief and healing. I am curious, however, whatever happened to the two security guards they left on the planet?

Dory: did you forget something too? from
Dory: did you forget something too? from

I did not care for this episode. There are three groups that cannot always advocate for themselves: animals, the elderly/infirmed, and the young. To have children be influenced, manipulated, and traumatized, it’s just not okay. There were some elements that would have been okay of Gorgon was taking over the crew or got loose on the ship, so this earns a rating of 2 melted ice pops.

TA out!