TOS: Season 3, Episode 14, “Whom Gods Destroy” (Feb 1, 2020)

Setting the Stage: Happy February everyone! I started at 5:00 pm, still watching Netflix and using their viewing order. Due to the sportsball happening on Sunday, today was spent doing the usual Sunday chores; cleaning the house, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I was all set to watch several Trek episodes, but life intervened. Husband and I finished one of the Babylon 5 movies, so we can wrap up that series, and then I hung out with a friend and watched some reruns of The Big Bang Theory. Fun fact, I cosplay as Amy Farrah Fowler sometimes. Anyway, we have the Tron: Legacy soundtrack keeping me writing tonight and a sleepy puppy to my right.

Quick Summary with my Impressions: “Whom Gods Destroy” begins with a mission of goodwill and health, as Kirk and Spock beam down with medicine that is supposed to get rid of mental illness once and for all. Where do they start? An asylum for the mentally ill, of course, with 15 of the most hopeless cases, including a former star ship captain, Garth, that was once an idol for Kirk. Apparently, though, Garth has learned the ability to transform into anyone and has taken over the facility; tricking Kirk and Spock in the process. Thankfully there are some security protocols and Scotty won’t disobey an order, so Garth has one hell of a temper tantrum before he is able to compose himself. There’s a very awkward dinner, with a lot of outbursts, and another green-skinned woman dancing. I’m having flashbacks to “The Cage” and “The Menagerie”, though this body make up is not done as well.

Susan Oliver as Vina

I had this chat with a friend the other night, but I believe Kirk to be an opportunist, rather than a complete perv and horn-dog. He’s a captain, so he can’t sleep with his subordinates, but he’s also on a five year mission to traverse the galaxy, so if a woman comes on to him it’s just a perk of the job. To each their own, I try not to judge, but I never see him make the first move. Kirk is also quite the diplomat and demonstrates the “I will only do violence if done to me first” quite well. Garth is totally crazy and can’t deal with Spock’s logic, but Kirk does have a hard time when it is not him being tortured and it’s the governor instead. Scotty keeps trying to figure out how to break in, and he’s suddenly worried Kirk and Spock might be dead. Just an episode or two ago, Scotty wasn’t worried at all and bad things were happening. Make up your mind, man! Kirk and Marta make out and then she tries to kill him, when Spock comes in and assists. Methinks it’s a trap, since why is Spock suddenly armed? Kirk knows something is up and tells Spock to give the countersign, but it’s crazy Garth… surprise surprise. More shenanigans, Spock plays dead to get the drop on the two goons, and the crazy man is now wearing a crown after killing his consort. Seriously, things took a turn quickly in this episode. Oh look, it’s twin Kirks and Spock has to try to figure out who is the real one and then it’s Kirk vs. Kirk’s stuntman. Spock figures it out, I’m shocked he does well at logic puzzles (insert sarcasm sign), and the medicine can now be injected. 

Spider-man points at Spider-man

I kind of liked this episode, except for the ridiculousness of Garth. I mean he was WAY over the top, which I get because he’s supposed to be insane, but it was still past that. I did, however, believe he was insane which is a mark of good acting. Having seen other shows where they did the “there’s two of the same person and you have to figure out which and then they fight” thing, this was not the best, but I’m sure it was one of the first. In fact, I believed all of the inmates were insane and needed some assistance, so I’m glad most of them got it. I especially liked when Marta says ” No, you mustn’t stop me. He’s my lover and I have to kill him.” Seriously the best line in this episode, possibly all of Season 3. This episode earns itself 6 slices of pizza, straight from New York.

Pusheen eats pizza

TA out!

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