ENT: “Terra Nova”

Date: September 8, 2021

Season 1, Episode 6

Music Video of the Day:

Time is a valuable thing. Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings…

Interstellar News: Happy Star Trek Day! It’s the 55th anniversary of Star Trek… so you should totally read up on all things original series or even the animated series (celebrating #48). We’ve recovered from Con, six loads of laundry, and a full day of being in the office. I was also gifted an extremely yummy apple pie for being a good friend. Also, two dear friends of mine have FINALLY adopted a baby boy after years of waiting… so please wish them well. Today has been super productive, even if it has been quieter than usual.

TL;DR: Terra Nova was the first deep space colony but Earth lost contact with them and there was some bad blood before the silence. The colony is abandoned and there’s radiation, but eventually they find the descendants of the colonists who have been affected by the radiation (it was caused by an asteroid). After much ridiculousness, the colonists move to the Southern hemisphere so they can stay on their land but begin to heal.

Favorite Quote:

Mayweather: All these years wondering about that colony. I never thought I’d become part of their history.

Archer: Tell you what, Travis. Why don’t you put together the report for Starfleet. If I’m not mistaken, it’ll be headline news back home.

Tucker: The Terra Nova puzzle, solved at last, as told by Ensign Travis Mayweather.

Archer fobbing off the report on the very eager Ensign who didn’t really do much this episode.

“You can’t just pluck them up and bring them to a strange world and hope they’ll learn to conform.”: So there’s some good story in here. When it took nine years to get to Terra Nova, the folks there decided to make a home and weren’t too thrilled about outside influence. They believed that Earth had sent something to destroy them when it was just some bad luck that they were in the path of an asteroid. They go underground to survive but it’s like the worst game of telephone and their appearance, speech, and history is all garbled. Archer does all he can to show them they’re the same people and they’ve learned so much and they just want to help.

Jamin and Nadet
“They’ve promised to leave.”

Parts of this felt like “Friendship One“, where Earth did a thing they didn’t understand and there were consequences. They tried to be like “we’ve changed” and the people they hurt didn’t believe them until the very end of the episode. A small part felt like “Nemesis“, with the made-up language that was eventually easy to figure out. In the end, Archer and the team are able to help the Novans not kill themselves by being stubborn… but it was a long episode for such a predictable ending. 4 snoot boops for Porthos, but only because it’s been done before and I enjoyed the guy from that thing!

TA Out!

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