But What About Second Dragon Con?

Date: September 7, 2021

Music Video of the Day:

“Here’s to goodbye, tomorrow’s gonna come too soon…”

Interstellar News: I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written on here. Let me catch you up, and then there will be Star Trek tomorrow.

Last Tuesday, our dear friends Keith and Wrenn drove down from New York. I made teriyaki chicken, vegetable lo mein, and crab rangoon egg rolls, as well as brownies for dessert.

Wednesday morning, our friend Mike came over and as he and I finished up work… everyone else packed the cars. I also made greek yogurt pancakes and bacon for breakfast and we had a variety of leftovers for lunch before we left town. We drove to Charlotte and spent the night at a wonderful Airbnb. It RAINED cats and dogs (who were sleeping together, it caused mass hysteria) but we ate a nice dinner, played some games, and got a decent night’s sleep before heading to Georgia.

Thursday was driving to Atlanta for Dragon Con 2021! With the miracle of technology, I was able to work in the car on the way down, hooray! The husband person and I helped set up the American Sci-Fi Classics Track room (*tiny murder pins*) and then we all had to get ready for the con to begin. Wrenn had a panel on Supernatural at 7 pm and I had one on The Labyrinth at 10 pm. It was epic, especially the amazing cosplayers who came to participate, though we did not break out in song and I’m a bit sad about that. The outfit of the day was my dragon mask, dragon shirt, and dragon skirt (with pockets!).

Evy in her black scarf, white button down shirt, and tan skirt
“I am a librarian!”

Friday I was on a panel about The Mummy Returns and then I watched Keith give his annual self defense workshop. He’s such a great teacher! Then there was time for a nap before helping sell books and then another panel. After dinner, hubs and I went to the charity lock-in and watched Howard the Duck for the first time. It was… interesting, but I am not disappointed in how we spent our evening. I cosplayed as Evy (from The Mummy) in the morning, wore my punk Jessica Rabbit in the afternoon, and then changed into a geeky t-shirt for the evening.

Wednesday Addams with her pigtails and black dress with white collar
“Are you made from real girl scouts?”

Saturday was a crazy, busy day… dressed as Wednesday Addams, of course. There was the vendor hall to meet Steve Jackson (he made me a Munchkin card!) and then over to the Westin to hear him talk some more about Munchkin. Keith had a reading and I got to hear his first run on audio of Ragnarok and a Hard Place, and it’s wonderful. I wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t change into my Lady Riddler for the DC Villains photo shoot or the Heroes/Villains ball. We also missed the Georgia Philharmonic, but we were trying not to go to any large panels anyway. The evening ended with a rousing game of “Guillotine” and dinner ordered in from The Landmark Diner, a Dragon Con tradition.

Daria in her green jacket, orange shirt, black skirt, and black combat boots
“Why didn’t I just stay home where it’s nice and quiet and nothing ever happens?”

Sunday was a double panel day for me, dressed as Daria in the morning and in a nerdy t-shirt for the evening. I got to be the board moderator for the Battle of the Fictional Bands (Wyld Stallyns will win at some point, they saved the world for Pete’s sake) and then read from Gargantua in my thickest Jersey accent for the novelization reading. Before the reading, there was more time selling books at the vendor hall and then there was the annual “rib night” hosted by our dear friends Kathleen and Peter. They were gracious hosts and I hated not being able to stay longer.

Giant black and red d20
Sue is the best, that is all!

Monday was the last day of con and of course… ROLL-A-PANEL. It’s my favorite way to end Dragon Con, as it’s 20 panels crammed into one. I will absolutely defend LXG or Super Mario Brothers as not-the-worst-movies-ever, if anyone is curious. We got the car packed up, made it out of the parking garage of doom, and eventually made our way back to Raleigh. There was an accident at the end of the night, but thankfully it was only a bloody and bruised nose for me and not a broken one. No dragons were harmed.

Today was back to work with virtual office hours and answering ALL OF THE EMAILS, as well as a two-hour nap that was truly needed. I’ll sign off in the way I started or ended all of my panels… “I’m a computer science professor by day and a blogger by night. I’m watching Star Trek for the first time and I’ve made it to Enterprise where there are lyrics, and that’s weird. See you next year, kids.

TA Out!

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