Best. Weekends. Ever.

Date: August 22, 2021

Music Video of the Day:

Interstellar News: This weekend we traveled to the mountains of North Carolina to watch my sister-in-law get married. I was in the bridal party and the husband person was our MC/DJ. There was lots to set up but it was all worth it to see a wonderful couple begin their life together as married folk. It was also wonderful to see some family, especially since it’s been almost two years for some of them. Right before the father/daughter dance, the groomsmen and bride came out to the song above, wearing fake beards, and completely punked my father-in-law… it was epic. There was a bunch of rain near the end that sort of cut the reception short, but Callie tells me they got a wonderful photo op out of it. I was able to love on the four miniature Schnauzer cousins and we got home to our Zoo, which has been a bit zany while we were gone. We watched The Mummy (1999) and are planning to go to bed “soon”.

THE MUMMY movie poster
“Time to go…”

Next weekend will be prep for Dragon Con… for which I keep adding on cosplays. New this year will be a punk Jessica Rabbit and Evelyn from The Mummy, but I’ll bring most of my lineup from Galaxy Con. I’m scheduled to be on two panels: one about The Mummy and one about The Labyrinth… and I’m super excited! My planned schedule is already a mess, but I’m so ready to be back at this con. It was my first and it’s my favorite, so far, especially with the wonderful panels put on by all the tracks and guests! While I know nothing is set in stone until it’s happening, and a lot can happen in two weeks, I’m truly hoping all of the safety measures put in place allow for us all to have a safe and fantastic convention.

Labryinth movie poster
All hail the Goblin King!

I can’t wait until Labor Day weekend, but first I have to make it through this full work week. Sigh.

TA Out!

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