Galaxy Con 2021

Date: August 1, 2021

Music Video of the Day:

“I wanted to feel this. I’m thinking I’m trying to fly…”

Interstellar News: Sorry for being away… a lot has happened.

Last Saturday a dear friend came into town and we went to dinner and to visit the Carolina Tiger Rescue. We saw some big kitties, some smaller kitties, and some kitties as big as my head!

Sunday was a rewatch of Snatch, brunch at one of my favorite places, and then a Durham Bulls game in the evening.

Monday through Wednesday was a lot of work and one more Marvel Movie (Age of Ultron) before Galaxy Con Raleigh started on Thursday. We helped our friends set up the Triangle TARDIS and Bards Tower Wednesday evening and then the show began. I was masked the whole time, as were many others, but some folks weren’t. I felt very safe selling books or taking pictures for people, but I’m staying inside this week as I have a wedding I am looking forward to and want to stay safe.

I cosplayed everyday:

  • Thursday: Lady Riddler
  • Friday: Wednesday Addams
  • Saturday: Marty McFly and Velma
  • Sunday: Klaus Hargreeves

and here are the pictures I used for inspiration (from L to R, T to B: Marty, Velma, Riddler, Klaus, Wednesday):

So I was extra geeky, but didn’t get to watch any new Trek or write up much of anything. Maybe this week I’ll be extra motivated. I had an absolute blast with old and new friends alike. My next Con is Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA… and I hope to see you there!

TA Out!

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