Sports Night: Season 2, Draft Day Parts 1 and 2


Date: June 19, 2021

Season 2, Episodes 17 and 18

Music Video of the Day: Happy Juneteenth my friends!

“If you’re ever in trouble, I’ll be there in a double…”

Interstellar News: Yesterday I went to a funeral. I tried to nap when I got home and kept getting interrupted, so I was quite grumpy. My in laws are here and we have a memorial tomorrow while we also celebrate Father’s Day, so it’s going to be a weekend of ups and down.

Episode 17 – “Draft Day Part 1: Rain at Indian Wells”

green tshirt with white writing: "I survived draft day at sports night"
Natalie: “I’m saying where are the men? I’m saying what happened to the boys?”
Dana: “I’ve been telling you, Natalie, they all went off to fight Germany and Japan. Best we can do is sell war bonds and give them a dance at the USO.”

“Dana, the t-shirt says, “I survived Draft Day,” which I’ve not yet done.”: Dana and Casey bet on “the draft”, Jeremy invites Jenny to the show, and Dan has a golf date with David Duval… until it rains at Indian Wells and they have to cover more rounds of the draft. This episode it’s never clear exactly what sport is being drafted for. Methinks football, but it could be baseball, hockey, or even basketball for all the script gives away. Dana is SO EXCITED and wants to cover more rounds, a wish she gets when it rains, but Jeremy and Danny are anything but happy about the change in plans. Danny is pissed and begins acting unprofessionally while Jeremy is panicked because he invited Jenny up for when other people wouldn’t be around and now everyone will be there. It’s a great set up to the second part where all will be resolved… or will it?

Episode 18 – “Draft Day Part 2: The Fall of Ryan O’Brien”

Natalie and Jenny shake hands in front of Jeremy, who is clearly distraught
“I make up dances for cartoon characters?”

“She’s not a choreo-animator, she’s a porn star. You got a problem with that?”: Jenny comes to visit and Dan throws Casey under the bus after they fight. In the first sentence, we finally figure out that it’s the NFL draft because no other sport has “offensive linemen” and then there are a lot more hints throughout the episode. Dan and Casey fight about their partnership, their pay, and a whole lot else… Danny still reeling from not being on “the list”, and he makes a stupid comment on air. Casey rises above it in the moment but it will be something that comes into play for the next few episodes. I hate how much of a jackass Danny has become, but to be honest he’s in therapy and things get a hell of a lot worse before they get better.

Jenny comes to visit and Jeremy panics and lies about her profession. Too late he tries to make up for it, but Jenny understands he might never get there and she’s just not willing to wait around for him to maybe, eventually, possibly be okay with what she does for a living. She doesn’t want to be fixed, she just wants to be loved for who she is. I completely understand that feeling, of wondering if someone is worth the wait or thinking about what it will take for someone to accept you for who you are in that moment. Jeremy learns a hard lesson, as do Danny and Casey.

We’re in the home stretch as there are only four more episodes in this season and also, sadly, this show. I haven’t decided how I’ll divide them… so we’ll all just have to be surprised when it happens.

TA Out!

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