VOY: “Nightingale”

Date: June 17, 2021

Season 7, Episode 8

Music Video of the Day:

Happy Birthday Uncle Michael!

Interstellar News: Yesterday I had a migraine, so sorry about the absence from writing. Today I had a ton of meetings, did six loads of laundry, and got a workout in. I also want to wish my Uncle Michael a very happy birthday today! On the topic of birthday, me and the husband person had a blast at the Classics Track birthday panel for co-director Joe Crowe, who has a birthday tomorrow. The question of the day is: do you think Batman would consider a hot dog a sandwich?

TL;DR: Voyager is doing a major maintenance update, so they’ve landed and will resupply. Icheb is lent to engineering where he thinks Torres is hitting on him, and it gets super awkward. Kim and Seven get involved in an alien conflict and Kim’s first solo command goes seven kinds of sideways (only a partial pun intended).

Favorite Quote:

Kim: Someone died following my orders.

Seven of Nine: You can’t blame yourself for that.

Kim: A captain’s responsible for the lives of his crew.

Seven of Nine: People sometimes die on missions, despite the captain’s best efforts.

Kim: I should have stuck to playing Buster Kincaid.

Seven of Nine: A holodeck program can be turned off when it no longer suits you. Reality can’t. If you really feel responsible for this crew, you’ll help them get home, because they won’t survive without you.

Seven helping school Kim, for the second time this episode.
A nightingale on a branch
This is now how I will picture Harry Kim.

“Have you thought about applying to the Advocate General’s office? You’d make a good lawyer.”: So I love that Icheb has a knack for engineering and Torres is praising him. I also get where he’s an adolescent and could think that Torres was hitting on him, with all those Borg hormones swimming around, BUT IT WAS SO AWKWARD AND PAINFUL for the rest of us. It shouldn’t always be about sex, sometimes your crew mates really just want someone new to hang out with… especially when you’re LOST IN SPACE!

As for the Kim and Seven adventures, of course Kim believes the one side and it goes pear shaped and he doesn’t know how to actually be leader and he gets discouraged. It was a boring trajectory I saw from the beginning – and I usually don’t see the threads that early in a story. I just find not much redeeming about this story, so it gets one brownie covered in coconut cream… but that’s it, no seconds!

TA Out!

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