Boondock Saints Double Feature Picture Show

Date: March 20, 2021

Music Video of the Day: Happy 20th Day of Women’s History Month !

So. Much. 80’s. Hair.
From THE BOONDOCK SAINTS "Where you goin? Nowhere".
oh, my dear green beans.

Interstellar News: Still feeling foggy today, so we finished up our annual viewing of Boondock Saints and Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. I haven’t had the head for Trek lately, so you’re all in for a double review. Spoilers ahead.

Boondock Saints original movie
The original.

“Well, that certainly illustrates the diversity of the word.” I can remember the first time I watched Boondock Saints. It was 2004 and I was a first year student in college. I was hanging out with a bunch of my friends and my soon-to-be roommate and instantly fell in love with the movie. “Fuck” has always been my favorite curse word, and this movie is chalk full of its use. I always joke that “F” has been my favorite letter because there’s a picture of my from kindergarten wearing a big letter F at some presentation our class did on the alphabet. I can quote this movie anytime and I do, often. There’s even a Star Trek reference in the first part of the movie when there’s a Russian enforcer named Chekov and I never even caught it until last year’s viewing after starting my journey. I love every character in the original, I love how things just keep happening, and I love how it all comes together. It’s got some racy moments and some language I wish was different, but it’s perfect for an irreverent movie. I mean, this is the only movie where an animal gets hurt and I don’t actually get upset because it’s so absolutely absurd. I cannot hype this movie up enough, it’s just so wonderful and you should watch it when you’re in the mood for something completely insane and awesome, with LOTS AND LOTS of gratuitous violence.

Boondock Saints II: All saints Day
The sequel.

“Who ordered the whup ass fajitas?” 20 years later in the real world and 8 years later in the movie’s world, All Saints Day is dropped on the world and continues to be part of our St. Patrick’s Day festivities. There are some noticeable absences, but not, and it’s nicely done. Rocco may be dead but he shows up a few times to provide the boys with some inspiration, just like in the first film. Smecker died off camera but then we find out that’s a lie, and it’s so good to see him back and sassier than ever. Romeo joins the team, we see what’s become of the Yakavetta crew, and we find out what the brothers have been doing. There are a lot of new players, and some of the old mixed in, and it’s a very fun follow up to the original. Greenly and Noah die at the end, both very sad but noble deaths, and it’s unclear how Romeo fares since he’s still unconscious. The thing that never sat well with me here is how Smecker talks about busting them out of jail and “going bigger”, but the boys did nothing for EIGHT YEARS after Boston. It’s not like they went to other cities or countries and killed more bad guys, they just laid low. I think Smecker is talking about using them kind of like a Suicide Squad, especially if justice does not prevail through the courts, but it’s just not clear what’s been happening in the intervening 8 years. The dialogue is still awesome, though risque, and the rant Rocco goes on about men being men is absolutely misogynistic… but it fits. It doesn’t overshadow the original but is a worthy follow up and I enjoy watching it every year.

Sláinte, TA Out!

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