I’m Alive!

Date: March 19, 2021

Music Video of the Day: Happy 19th Day of Women’s History Month !

Appropriately in theme all around.

Interstellar News: My week from hell.

Monday – I spent all day super anxious because I am phobic of needles. It’s called Trypanophobia and it’s panic response to needles and injections. I have it so bad that I can pass out or literally be scared to death, so giving blood has never been a thing I can do. I was not going to get vaccinated and just stay away from folks as long as it took for herd immunity to kick in, but then Johnson and Johnson came out with their vaccine and I was eligible and got an appointment. My emotional support husband and the astral form of a dear and beloved friend were there to help me through it, and a super understanding and patient doctor who stabbed me, and I survived the Ides of March by getting stabbed once. I spent the rest of the evening coming down from my anxiety and having arm pain.

As Mr. Malhame would say in high school history class… “Hail Ceasar!”

Tuesday – I had two meetings in the morning and was doing okay until lunch, aside from the arm pain, and then all of the side effects started to come on. Some mixture of body aches, headaches, nausea, fever, and just being overall really fucking tired. I did not sleep well, though it was not for lack of cat and dog nurses trying their best.

Wednesday – I woke up with a 100 degree fever, took some Motrin, and skipped my morning meeting for some more sleep. I taught class as best I could, thank the universe for me scheduling a panel and having an awesome co-instructor, and then went back to bed until the afternoon. Then I slept some more. I may have had water and chicken broth, but there was absolutely a lot of sleeping.

sweet dreams, good night puppy.
Sweet dreams indeed.

Thursday – I thought I was getting back to normal, but I was still incredibly nauseous and still very tired. There was a bit more work done but also a lot more sleeping. I also helped do an outreach event but it was great to have some student ambassadors to help out too.

Friday (today) – My appetite finally came back, I got some work done, and I got to watch Star Wars, Episode IV, A New Hope with our friends via a watch party. Did I mention I ATE ALL THE THINGS?

I am so thankful that there’s a one shot vaccine, that I was eligible and able to get an appointment, and I have a wonderful team at work that was able to hold down the fort while I was feeling awful. I’m finally starting to come out of this thing and I was not expecting to get knocked on my ass so much. If you get the two shot, one shot, can’t get vaccinated, or whatever… continue to stay safe, stay masked, wash your hands, and be kind.

TA Out!

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