“Bill & Ted” Trilogy

Bill and Ted

Date: January 6, 2021

Music Video of the day:

“Let’s do the time warp again…”

Interstellar News: The last three days the husband person and I watched the Bill & Ted trilogy of Excellent Adventure, Bogus Journey, and Face the Music. There’s travel throughout space and time, so that makes it Star Trek adjacent. Also, as a bonus, there’s a clip from “Arena” in the second movie, which is totally Trek related! Don’t read ahead if you haven’t watched all three films as I’m sure there are spoilers abound.

Bill & Ted's Excellent adventure movie poster
“All we are is dust in the wind.”
“Iron Maiden? Excellent!”

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”: I have watched the original movie a fair number of times in my life. I’ve always loved the boys for their good-hearted nature, their love for music, and their purity of spirit as they endeavor not only to pass their history class but also to save the world. George Carlin has been a favorite comedian of mine since I first discovered him and I’m only sad he’s not in the movie more. This film truly sets us up for a totally excellent trilogy and pokes fun of the absurdity of time travel and what the future will look like. This movie also gives me some wonderful quotes I use all the time, aside from the ones I’ve mentioned previously. I will occasionally yell “San Dimas High School football rules!” when I can’t think of something to say and I frequently sign off with “be excellent to each other and party on dudes”. This is my favorite of the trilogy and earns itself a 69, dudes.

Bill & Ted;s Bogus Journey movie poster
“You have sank my battleship!”
“How’s it hanging, Death?”

“Station!”: A most excellent sequel that I have only seen a handful of times. George Carlin is back, but in the movie even less than the first one. The “bad guy” is played by Hans from The Mighty Ducks and so it’s hard for me to take him seriously, especially when he doesn’t have a very compelling back story. The evil robots are wonderfully awful and the princesses are fantastic as always. I love how the boys are respectful of their chaste girlfriends and are horrified when their evil robot selves try to force the girls to “put out”. One thing that I disliked is the end where the boys and the princesses were supposedly away for 16 months but only left for a few minutes, because time is supposed to keep rolling in San Dimas. However Death is hysterical, Station is awesome, and the credits tell a wonderful story that makes you think the boys have fulfilled their destiny. It may be my least favorite in the trilogy, but I still always watch it and adore it because it is absolutely not a bad movie… just not as good at the one before it or the one after it. Best out of 7, right dudes?

Bill & Ted face the music movie poster
“That is a robot in hell”
“I mean, we’re a couple of couples..”
“Did you say reality as we know it?”

“Sometimes things don’t make sense until the end of the story.”: This was an absolute delight to watch, especially in 2021 after the shenanigans of 2020. There are so many great callbacks to the two previous movies, including Missy and Ted’s dad and brother. There was even a callback to “69” when they were dialing the phone number at the end, and the two most mature dads on the planet didn’t even giggle! The daughters are most excellent and even though I saw them being the ones to put everything together, I still teared up at the end because it was a beautiful moment and everyone acted their asses off brilliantly. The dads (and moms) were there to support the daughters in the end and it was absolutely wonderful how everything came together. They were able to bring diversity and updates to the cast without making it seem like it was forced and they still kept the Bill & Ted feel with time travel, travel to the great beyond, and jiving with the music. There were loser thems, evil thems, old thems, and even super buff thems… and they were wonderful each time. I love the cameos, the acting, the music, and the message. What we need now more than ever is to unite, not divide. This one totally is infinitely excellent, dudes.

As always, be excellent to each other and party on dudes!

TA Out!

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