January 7, 2020: 3 Episodes

Series: Star Trek: The Original Series

SeasonEpisode #,and Episode Name: Season 1, Episode 19, “Arena”, Episode 20, “Tomorrow is Yesterday”, and Episode 21, “Court Martial”

Setting the Stage: I started at 7:00 pm on January 7, 2020, still watching via Netflix, so I’m using their viewing order. Professor Zoom and my husband were present for all three episodes. Tempura and Thor joined us for the last one, until it was food time.

Husband and I had a discussion and I feel I may have been too hasty with placing Spock in Slytherin, he might just be a Ravenclaw. I see a lot of myself in Spock, I am very logic-oriented. I’m also super ambitious, so I may have been blind on this one. Kirk, as we both agree, is 8000% a Gryffindor, and McCoy is likely the resident Hufflepuff, albeit a mean-spirited one. What are your thoughts on Star Trek characters in Hogwarts Houses?

Quick Summary with my reactions: “Arena” begins with a message from a commodore, on the planet below. Kirk and crew beam down to find out the place has been destroyed. Both the Enterprise and the crew down below have come under attack. Sulu decides to leave, but is able to come back and pick up the crew. Kirk decides to pursue the attacking ship, but another alien group decides to trap the captains of each ship into a duel to the death. Their logic is the two ships were going to duke it out anyway. Why is the Gorn captain wearing a pizza apron? I think Kirk just pissed it off by throwing a rock, and then he gets captured in the trap the Gorn made. He escapes and then starts to make his own weapon. At the last minute, Kirk doesn’t kill the Gorn and the other aliens decide that maybe the humans are advanced afterall, and everyone goes their own way. Crisis averted.

from animalspot.net

“Tomorrow Is Yesterday” begins with something happening to the Enterprise and suddenly the crew finds themselves in the late 1960s. They beam a “Captain Christopher”, from the current time, up to the Enterprise and debate returning him, until they realize his son is important to space discovery. They need to try to get back to their own time and also make sure there is no evidence of them in the 1960s. Christopher gets beamed back down after they go back in time, so they can then go back forward in time. This is why I hate time travel, screw you Flash!

from whatculture.com

In “Court Martial”, Kirk is back in his weird green shirt and the daughter of the man killed during an ion storm accuses Kirk of being a murderer. This is just as it is pointed out that Kirk has lied and might need a court martial, whoa! Kirk and the Commodore get into it and Kirk doesn’t want any special treatment, he knows what he did and it wasn’t wrong. Kirk’s lawyer doesn’t like computers, this will be important. But wait, we have a visual that Kirk pressed the wrong button – but Kirk claims that is not how it happened! Spock determines that there’s been some trickery with the computer after an offhand comment about chess, and McCoy does this cool trick with heartbeats on board. It was stupid, but interesting. We then find out that the man who was dead, is NOT, and he’s hiding on the ship… escandalo! Kirk gets off scot free and gets to kiss the girl.

My Impressions: “Arena” felt very much like a parent who was giving their children the chance to “fight it out”, which was a very similar premise to the last episode (see my review of “The Squire of Gothos“). It was interesting to meet a new race (the Gorn) and to see a different side of Kirk. I thoroughly enjoyed Kirk realizing that Spock was right and there’s always more than one side to a story, it isn’t always about war. With what is going on in the world today, it is a good reminder that people often forget.

I absolutely hate time travel. I mean I love it, but everyone does it differently and it doesn’t always make sense. In “Tomorrow is Yesterday” we have random time travel, then purposeful time travel, and then mixing in the beaming technology which makes for a lot of “um yeah, because we said so”. I know that I’m watching this through the lens of someone who didn’t watch Star Trek first, but that’s where my perspective is interesting. How many references did this one episode cause in future shows, movies, novels? 

My first thought when watching “Court Martial” was, “Oh great, lawyers.” This episode had a lot of problems. We had ethical issues, procedural issues, and even story issues. The female lawyer absolutely is in the wrong giving any advice, the defense lawyer makes some pretty thing arguments, and the court allows Kirk to go after the crewman on his own… it was a mess! This was a very “meh” episode for me. I do, however, agree with the defense attorney on one issue: books. I love the way a book feels in my hand. Physical books are a pain in the ass, they take up a lot of space and they can be damaged over time, but they are still the medium I continue to prefer. Just don’t tell the other computer science nerds!

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