VOY: “Relativity”

Bruce McGill as D Day from ANIMAL HOUSE

Date: January 3, 2021

Season 5, Episode 23

Music Video of the Day:

I find your note the letters ran It said “I loved you, yeah I loved you”… “Molly (Sixteen Candles)” by Sponge

Interstellar News: I didn’t post yesterday, and that’s okay. I did my whole year of posting at least once a day and this year I am working on just finishing the task I started when I can.

TL;DR: This is a time travel episode where Seven is recruited by Braxton to stop Voyager from being destroyed by his future self. It involves Seven jumping to Janeway’s first day on the ship, to a Kazon attack about two years before she joined, and “present day”. Janeway also has to help at the very end, because reasons, and we all wind up with a headache.

None of this makes any sense (Barry Allen - THE FLASH)
Damn It Barry! I mean, Braxton!

Favorite Quote:

EMH: Next time your human physiology fails you, don’t consult the database. Just call me.

Seven of Nine: You are the database.

EMH: With two legs and a splendid bedside manner.

This is a wonderful exchange between two of my favorite characters.
Bruce McGill as D Day from ANIMAL HOUSE
Bruce McGill as D Day from Animal House… he plays Braxton.

“That’s the danger of self-diagnosis. Patients always assume the worst.”: Usually time travel makes my head hurt and this episode does in some ways and doesn’t in others. It’s an interesting way to bring Braxton back. I do always love Bruce McGill no matter who he is playing, and it’s fun to find out that he’s really the bad guy. The time distortions, like during the ping pong game, are interesting but I also don’t understand why the “weapon” is just now being activated when it was placed two years ago. There are also small little hints to Braxton’s descent into madness, but the bit at the end with Janeway helping for two seconds makes it feel like they are giving the Captain a chance to play action hero since Seven had the rest of the episode to do so. Nothing of consequence really happens in this episode, as Voyager no longer explodes, so it’s the end of a 5 day break for this episode and back tot he “real world” tomorrow.

TA Out!

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