Welcome to 2021

2021, red background surrounded by gold and pink ornaments

Date: January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! Let’s hope it’s better than 2020.

I obviously didn’t finish the challenge I set to myself one year ago today. My goal was to get through all of the “old”Trek and end my year with the three most recent reboot movies. I did, however, get quite far. As of today, I have completed:

SeriesSeasonsEpisodesTotal Time
The Original Series38067 hours, 4 minutes
The Animated Series2228 hours, 42 minutes
Movies916 hours, 51 minutes
The Next Generation7178136 hours and 28 minutes
Deep Space Nine7176132 hours
Voyageralmost 511688 hours and 56 minutes
Totals:24581~ 450 hours
450 hours or 19 whole days or… a whole year of Trek!
from left to right, Star Trek, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise
Four out of five ain’t bad…

In 2021, I plan to finish Voyager, watch Nemesis, complete Enterprise, and watch all three of the Bad Robot reboots as was part of my original plan for last year. Once those are completed, I will work on Discovery, Picard, and anything else that is new.

I learned a great deal about myself this year. What I originally set for myself took too much time. Going forward, my reviews and posts will look different. I will still try to post every day, but it might be about things other than Star Trek. Once I’ve “caught up” with the current releases, I may consider another challenge. Either way, I hope you stay along for the ride.

I also wanted to thank several folks for putting up with my Trek challenge in 2020. Kyle, Keith, Work Mom, my fur babies, Will, and anyone else who sat through episodes with me or heard me writing well into the night.

TA Out.

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