Christmas Day 2020

Date: December 25, 2020

Musical accompaniment: Fantasies & Delusions , composed by Billy Joel and performed by Richard Joo, as it was one of my Christmas presents from my Mountain family

Interstellar News: Today was an eventful day. Normally we would meet my Dad and Stepmom in New York to have a late lunch/early dinner with her family. There are always lots of appetizers, plenty of main dishes, and yummy desserts. Then we would all travel back to NJ and exchange our presents. Growing up, it would be just me and my parents and sometimes my Grandma. In some recent years, we’ve done Christmas Eve and Day in the Mountains and there is always lots and lots of food. As we did not travel, this year was a little different.

Kevin from HOME ALONE "Merry Christmas ya filthy animals"
My favorite way to wish people a joyous holiday.

We woke up and made sausage and eggs for breakfast, mine on a bagel with veggie cream cheese and the husband had two English muffins with spicy pepper cream cheese, and had a Zoom breakfast with the Mountain family. We took a short break where I put together some banana blueberry muffins and Grandma’s “cocoa butter stick” cookie dough to chill for later. We then got back on Zoom and did the Christmas gift exchange. Husband then traveled to Mookie’s to grab some hot turkey for him and corned beef for me and we ate while Zooming with some of our New York family. After that we played one round of Ticket to Ride: Netherland, which I totally won, and I had a wonderful video chat with a dear friend. Next was dinner. We air fried a whole chicken, put together sweet potato dumplings, potato bread stuffing, and Brussel sprouts with sea salt and black pepper. Just as dinner was ready we had a Zoom call with my Dad and stepmom where they opened their gifts, ours are in the either somewhere out there, and we got to eat our yummy dinner. So here we are, close to the end of the year. I’ll be back to Trek tomorrow.

TA Out.

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