VOY: “Concerning Flight”

and if you look to your right, you will see the rocky mweotains (it's a cat in a pilot hat)

Date: November 19, 2020

Season 4, Episode 11

Musical Accompaniment: AFI and punk friends

Interstellar News: Another beautiful walk today despite the cold.

TL;DR: While running the da Vinici program in the holodeck, Voyager comes under attack by someone who de-materializes items from the ship. Kim and Seven work to track down the missing technology and send away teams after them. They find da Vinci walking around via the Doctor’s mobile emitter, and he thinks he’s been brought to America and is working for a wealthy patron. This patron is a bad dude named Tau who stole all of the stuff and sells it to the highest bidder. Tau catches Janeway, da Vinci helps her escape to where their stuff is being held, they send it to Voyager, and then are rescued.

Favorite Quote:

da Vinci: Che bella! There’s a mechanical woman inside.

Janeway: In a way, yes. Initiate a level four induction relay overload.

Janeway: That’s it.

da Vinci: And now?

Janeway: We wait for the Portuguese

da Vinci is flabbergasted by the voice of the computer and Janeway has him convinced her crew is Portuguese.
Leonardo from TMNT
This is not the Leonardo you were looking for…

“Earthquakes and idiots. Florence be damned.”: This was an interesting story on what it feels like to be mugged in space. Janeway is hanging out with her hero when someone flies by and steals their technology. I disliked that they didn’t seem more upset about leaving Federation technology in the Delta Quadrant as they have in the past, but maybe that’s because they didn’t think it would upset the balance of power like it would have with the Kazon. I did enjoy the segments with the Doctor as he had been enjoying his freedom thanks to the mobile emitter and hated being “imprisoned” in sickbay. I loved how enthusiastic da Vinci was about being in “the new world” and how he wasn’t phased by the new materials and technology. It was a fun little mystery but nothing exciting really happened, aside from them getting the flying machine working. 6 fried pork dumplings for this episode.

TA Out!

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