Please Vote!

Imagine if Frodo was all "Sauron's bad, but Gandalf's done some morally gray stuff too, so I'll stay home." Don't get eaten by orcs. Vote.

Date: November 2, 2020

Musical Accompaniment: The Goo Goo Dolls, The Black Crowes, and Pearl Jam

Interstellar News: In America, it’s the night before Election Day.

Early Voting, Absentee Ballots, Vote by Mail and a whole host of other things have been going on for months. On Friday, for the first time ever, I voted early. There was no line but there were 34 positions to vote for, so my hand was pretty tired. I was given a pen, to use and keep, as well as a giant sticker. I’ve voted in every elective I could since 2005, I missed the 2004 election by one stupid month.

It’s also another crazy week at work, and I am exhausted. I really hope this won’t be another week of no Trek, but we’ll see.

Anyway, if you haven’t already… please vote.

TA Out!

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I'm just a big city girl living in a not so big city with my fur children and partner.

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