DS9: “Once More Unto the Breach”

Date: August 26, 2020

Season 7, Episode 7

Musical Accompaniment: Bard music compilation

Interstellar News: Everything was later than it was supposed to be today, so I only got one episode in… le sigh.

So what had happened was…: Kor arrives on DS9 to deliver his condolences to Worf about Jadzia and also to ask for Worf’s help. Martok is absolutely against Kor being given anything and he tells Worf about applying to officer school and being denied by Kor. He eventually earned a field commission, but that was years later and the damage was already done. Worf, however, already ordered Kor to appear as the Third Officer on the Ch’Tang where they will be engaging the Jem’Hadar. The crew is in awe that Kor is there and he tells a legendary story in the mess hall. The battle does not go as planned and, when Worf and Martok are knocked out, Kor takes over but thinks he’s back at the battle of Caleb IV and that he’s fighting the Federation. Kor is distressed because he has not yet died and he knows he’s not fit to be a warrior any more… but what else can he do? An officer finds that a fleet of Jem’Hadar ships are following them back to DS9 but will overtake them soon. Worf comes up with a plan that will require him and six others to volunteer their lives, but Kor realizes this is his chance and knocks Worf out to take his place. Amazingly he is able to distract the enemy ships so the Klingon ships can make the rendezvous and they all toast to Kor and welcome him to Sto-Vo-Kor via song.

Kor before he left the bridge
“He will not even know I am there. Worf. What was the name of the ship?”

On the station, Ezri and Kira talk about how Ezri feels about Kor and Quark overhears but thinks it’s about Worf. Ezri and Kira have polite banter but Kira shows discontent for Quark. Later Ezri comes to order a drink and Quark makes a long, embarassing speech about how she shouldn’t seek a relationship with Worf. To his surprise she agrees, kisses him, and calls him a “sweetheart”. All the while Jake is in the background grinning like a buffoon and making fun of Quark.

Favorite Quote:

Kor: Do you have any message you want me to convey to Jadzia?

He hypos Worf.

When I reach the halls of the hallowed dead, I will find your beloved and remind her that her husband is a noble warrior, and that he still loves no one but her. Goodbye, my friend. Live well. Long live the Empire!

Kor’s last words.

“Such a man would not take the job unless he were certain.”: As we all know I love Klingons, let’s start with the bad and end with the good. While it’s awesome to see Ezri and Kira have gotten over some awkwardness, and that Quark has grown a heart as well as a conscience, it feels like just filler to keep the folks on the station involved in the episode. It would have been nice to see what the Defiant and others were doing while they waited for Martok… or just a whole lot more of Klingon goodness.

Worf toasting Kor
“Today was not my day to die.”

It must be so hard to see all your friends go before you and to feel like you’ve outlived your usefulness. I saw it with my Grandma Gloria when she couldn’t bake her Christmas cookies or cook a family meal anymore. When you can’t do the things you used to or the only things that make you feel alive, it has got to be the absolute worst. For a Klingon warrior, losing your mind is just as bad as losing a limb. I loved how Martok eventually came around and realized that being mean wasn’t as rewarding as he had hoped. The toast and singing at the end was fantastic, and the fact that Kor got the drop on Worf. No one expects the Spanish Kor! 8 bottles of bloodwine, an excellent vintage of course.

TA Out!

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