TNG: “Haven” and “The Big Goodbye”

Date: February 28, 2020

Season 1, Episodes 10 and 11

Setting the Stage: I watched both episodes, via Netflix, on Feb 27. The first episode was watched over dinner and the second episode had every single fur child in attendance, and it wasn’t even dinnertime! Today’s writing music is nothing because I am in the airport and having a hard time finding my headphone, sad face! Oh, and David R. is about to miss his flight to Chicago, whoops. I’m waiting for flight one of two on the way to Pensacon in Pensacola, FL where I will get to hang with a few good friends and maybe get to meet some famous people.

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Favorite Quote from “Haven”:

Troi: Stop this petty bickering, all of you! Especially you, Mother!

Troi storms out

Data: Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing.

Troi having a Bride-to-be freak out moment and Data being the amazing android he is

“Haven” has the Enterprise traveling to the planet Haven, I’m shocked. A silver box beams aboard and it talks, loudly, announcing that Troi is about to get some visitors… her mother, her groom-to-be, and his parents! There’s a tradition of genetic bonding where Troi’s father’s best friend’s son (read that seven times fast) was promised to Troi, and the Millers (no relation to the Millers from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) have come to make good on that promise. Wyatt, who looks very familiar and I realize he’s been in ALL THE STUFF, is a medical doctor who has been dreaming of a blonde woman his whole life – but he’s still happy with Troi. Troi’s mother beams up next and it’s CHRISTINE CHAPEL, well Majel Barrett same thing, along with LURCH, he’s my favorite. I love the Addams family so much.

My favorite Miller family

The Enterprise and Haven notice an incoming vessel and it’s Terrellian, which is apparently not good. At the “pre-wedding party” the mothers get into an argument, as mothers do, until Picard steps in. We learn about all of the nakedness that a Betazoid ceremony has, the mothers get snippy again which leads to Troi getting super upset, yelling at everyone, and leaving to visit with Riker in the holodeck. Riker and Troi have a discussion about platonic love versus physical love when Wyatt comes in and he and Troi share a kiss.

Wyatt and Deanna Troi about to kiss

The planet Haven wants the Enterprise to blow up the incoming vessel, but Picard wants to see if anyone is on board and also see if they can help in some way. There are 8 folks on board and one of them is the woman Wyatt has seen in his dreams!! They are all infected with the disease that wiped out their people and many others, but Wyatt is a medical doctor and he wants to help, so he beams aboard and apologizes to Troi. She is happy, and sad, but the Enterprise gets to keep their counselor.

This episode was goofy and fun, but the pacing was a little strange. I absolutely loved Mrs. Troi, Majel Barrett is hysterical and that is the role for her. It’s certainly a good way to keep the viewers wondering if they are going to lose a main character, but we all knew something was going to happen. I did like the suspense leading up to the reveal of the survivors on the Terellian vessel, but I knew if there was anyone on the ship it was going to be the woman from the drawings. I think Riker acted like a child who couldn’t have cake and ice cream for dessert and he was super pouty. Given that he hasn’t shown an ounce of affection for her and he knows what it takes to be a starship captain he’s gotta get a handle on his jealously, it’s just not healthy. All that and I give this episode a 7 course meal, complete with your favorite dessert.

Favorite Quote from “The Big Goodbye”:

Picard: This is Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the USS Enterprise. Aaaaard klaxon leeeeesss blag blan ar’nik ka’nik. Aaaaard krasulaaa. Rassss trassss trasulaaaah.

Jaradan: You have honored us with your words of greeting. A new day dawns between us.

Many thanks to for the spelling of the Jarada greeting

 “The Big Goodbye” starts with Picard learning a new language that is super complex, but it’s necessary to secure an alliance with a new group. Troi encourages Picard to use the new and upgraded holodeck to give himself a break, so he heads to 1940’s San Francisco as a Private Investigator. After a few minutes he heads back out and is totally thrilled. He calls a meeting of the senior staff to gush about his experience and then, oh yeah, the Jarada.

the cast in the snazzy 1940s outfits

Picard invites Dr. Crusher and Historian Whalen along and Data, being Data, decides to invite himself. The men go in first all decked out in pinstripe suits of the era, and of course Picard gets arrested right away and is tickled pink at the experience. While they are in the holodeck the Jarada probe and scan the ship and a malfunction occurs, with Dr. Crusher barely making it inside. The bridge realizes something is wrong and sends La Forge and Wesley to work on the problem.

Back in the holodeck everyone is jazzed up as they head to Picard’s office to check out the digs and then head out. Unfortunately, there’s a man with a gun and he shoots Whalen… which isn’t supposed to happen! Dr. Crusher is threatened next so Picard does some quick thinking to keep them all alive. Wesley thinks he’s figured something out and the holodeck crew is transported somewhere snowy and then back to the P.I.’s office. The door opens back out into the Enterprise and two of them men try to leave, but disappear as only the crew of the Enterprise can leave the holodeck experience. Picard and the group come back in time for Picard to speak in the insect language and the Federation makes a new friend.

This episode gives us a bunch of life lessons. One is that technology always screws up, so you should have backups for your backups. Two is that the young people are almost always better with newer technology, almost. Three is that when the captain takes a minute to find some joy, shit is going to hit the fan and someone will likely almost die. Poor Picard, the man just can’t get a break. I enjoyed the role play and how everyone got so into it, including Data who just wanted to be involved. He’s really like a puppy, and he’s adorable (and from South America, heh). I have NO IDEA why Wesley was the one to try and fix the issue, especially since it could have erased the captain, but whatever. Using the holodeck as a plot device seems a fun way to do something you couldn’t usually do out in space or in time, but overall nothing to write home about. This episode earns a 6 out of 7 out of 8 out of 9. Try that math on for size.

math equation meme lady

TA Out!

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