ENT: “Shockwave: Parts 1 and 2”

Date: March 24, 2022 Season 1, Episode 26 and Season 2, Episode 1 Music Video of the Day: Interstellar News: I sincerely apologize for my lack of writing. I’ve been caught up in life, seasonal depression, being overworked, and just general stress and anxiety. I haven’t been coping real well and I need to getContinue reading “ENT: “Shockwave: Parts 1 and 2””

ENT: “Desert Crossing” and “Two Days and Two Nights”

Date: January 13, 2022 Season 1, Episodes 24 and 25 Music Video of the Day: Interstellar News: Tonight I was on another American Sci-Fi Classics Track panel where I got to babble about The Fellowship of the Ring, since it just turned 20 in December. It’s been very busy at work as a lot ofContinue reading “ENT: “Desert Crossing” and “Two Days and Two Nights””

ENT: “Vox Sola” and “Fallen Hero”

Date: January 12, 2022 Season 1, Episodes 22 and 23 Music Video of the Day: Interstellar News: Happy 2022! Life has been completely messy and stressful and overwhelming, but I think writing will help me have something to ground me. At least, that’s the hope! I’m teaching again this semester, so please send me allContinue reading “ENT: “Vox Sola” and “Fallen Hero””