TNG: “Face of the Enemy” and “Tapestry”

Date: May 15, 2020 Season 6, Episodes 14 and 15 Musical Accompaniment: Coccolino Deep – Autumn in Love Interstellar News: It’s been a day. Season 6 may have started off with some pretty crappy episodes but these two were mighty fine. Favorite Quote from “Face of the Enemy”: Troi: Your cowardice does not befit aContinue reading “TNG: “Face of the Enemy” and “Tapestry””

TNG: “Ship in a Bottle” and “Aquiel”

Date: May 14, 2020 Season 6, Episodes 12 and 13 Musical Accompaniment: Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack compilation Interstellar News: I am officially out of salty Italian meat and cheese at home, send help immediately! Favorite Quote from “Ship in a Bottle”: Moriarty: I ask only that I be allowed to explore this new world.Continue reading “TNG: “Ship in a Bottle” and “Aquiel””

TNG: “Chain of Command” Parts 1 and 2

Date: May 13, 2020 Season 6, Episodes 10 and 11 Musical Accompaniment: Vivaldi Interstellar News: Today was full of Last Minute Larry and First Year Fred. Favorite Quote: Madred: That is what the military has done for Cardassia. And because of that, my daughter will never worry about going hungry. PICARD: Her belly may beContinue reading “TNG: “Chain of Command” Parts 1 and 2”

TNG: “A Fistful of Datas” and “The Quality of Life”

Date: May 12, 2020 Season 6, Episodes 8 and 9 Musical Accompaniment: Ambient Worlds presents: The Elder Scrolls Interstellar News: The weather is getting colder, but at least I was able to complete five loads of laundry today. Favorite Quote from “A Fistful of Datas”: Worf: What is our function here? Alexander: You’re the SheriffContinue reading “TNG: “A Fistful of Datas” and “The Quality of Life””

TNG: “True Q” and “Rascals”

Date: May 11, 2020 Season 6, Episodes 6 and 7 Musical Accompaniment: Chants du Sud et du Nord by Arianna Savall & Petter Udland Johansen Interstellar News: Social distance walking and dinner was a great success. Favorite Quote from “True Q”: Q: She was being impetuous. She’ll just have to start behaving like a Q.Continue reading “TNG: “True Q” and “Rascals””