DS9: “Life Support” and “Heart of Stone”

Date: July 4, 2020 Season 3, Episodes 13 and 14 Musical Accompaniment: Tchaikovsky via Alena Baeve on violin Interstellar News: I celebrated Independence Day by eating Italian food and watching a Canadian television show, ‘Murica… am I right? Favorite Quote from “Life Support”: Nog: What could be more important than dom-jot? Jake: I have aContinue reading “DS9: “Life Support” and “Heart of Stone””

DS9: “Past Tense: Parts 1 & 2”

Date: July 3, 2020 Season 3, Episodes 11 and 12 Musical Accompaniment: A violin suite by Marc Coppey playing Bach Interstellar News: I watched Hamilton for the first time tonight and it was wonderful. Favorite Quotes: Chris: Don’t worry, your friends are fine. That’s the whole point of the Sanctuary. To give people in troubleContinue reading “DS9: “Past Tense: Parts 1 & 2””

DS9: “Defiant” and “Fascination”

Date: July 2, 2020 Season 3, Episodes 9 and 10 Musical Accompaniment: Marvel Movies Greatests Soundtracks Interstellar News: Today I enjoyed a wonderful walk, excellent Italian food, and wonderful dessert. Favorite Quote from “Defiant”: GUL DUKAT: I cannot allow a group of terrorists to just walk away after invading our territory and… SISKO: Then youContinue reading “DS9: “Defiant” and “Fascination””

DS9: “Civil Defense” and “Meridian”

Date: July 1, 2020 Season 3, Episodes 7 and 8 Musical Accompaniment: Lots of Billy Joel. Heaps of Billy Joel. Tons of Billy Joel. Loads of Billy Joel. I think you get the point. Interstellar News: It’s been six full months of this blog, woo hoo! Hopefully I’m still on track to finishing this goalContinue reading “DS9: “Civil Defense” and “Meridian””

DS9: “Second Skin” and “The Abandoned”

Date: June 30, 2020 Season 3, Episodes 5 and 6 Musical Accompaniment: Cello covers today, I’m on a bit of a roll with different instruments I guess. Interstellar News: Happy last day of Pride, my friends. I saw a beautiful rainbow during my evening walk and it was a wonderful thing. Favorite Quote from “SecondContinue reading “DS9: “Second Skin” and “The Abandoned””