DS9: “Afterimage” and “Take Me Out to the Holosuite”

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Date: August 24, 2020

Season 7, Episodes 3 and 4

Musical Accompaniment: Though I have yet to watch it, I’m intrigued by this Mandalorian mix

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So what had happened in “Afterimage” was…: Ezri Dax is trying to figure out this whole being joined thing as being on DS9 is unsettling and she’s ready to go back to the Destiny. Garak has been decoding messages for Starfleet and is suddenly having claustrophobic episodes in not-so-confined spaces, so Sisko asks Ezri to give it the ol’ counselor try. Garak gets back to work and Sisko offers her the station’s counselor position. Ezri tells Bashir that Jadzia would have chosen him if it wasn’t for Worf, and Worf wants nothing to do with Ezri. Garak has another episode and tears Ezri a new one after meditation doesn’t work, so she decides to resign from Starfleet until she can figure her life out. She goes to say goodbye to Garak when he suddenly realizes what’s behind the attacks, he’s responsible for killing other Cardassians. Worf also realizes he’s been a jerk and Jadzia would not have wanted Worf to treat Ezri this way, and he asks her to stay if she wants. Ezri decides to stay in Starfleet, accepts the counselor position, and is promoted to Lieutenant.

Ezri and Garak sit and try to meditate
“If it’s all the same to you, I think I’ll go back to my sewing.”

Favorite Quote:

Jake: She is cute.

Sisko: She’s also about three hundred years too old for you.

Reminds me of the time Jake had a crush on Kira…

“These pronouns are going to drive me crazy.”: There is A LOT going on in this episode, and almost none of it is good. Ezri has encounters with everyone and it’s all just awkward. She’s also still trying to figure out how, and when, to listen to the voices in her head. She keeps ordering things that she didn’t like before, or trying new things to her because they worked in a past life, when she needs to not be in a place that has so many memories for her. I understand now why the Trill custom is to not interact with your old life if possible. With Garak she’s super awkward, starts with a Freudian method, and self-discloses to the detriment of her client. She also uses Garak’s sessions to further her own catharsis, so I’m not seeing any brilliant counseling work here. One thing that rang true is when Garak figures out what’s really causing the episodes, though it would take months of intense therapy to get there. I absolutely hated that she shared with Bashir it would have been him, what a fucking terrible thing to do to a person. I will say when she absolutely broke down it felt real and it did make you feel for her, she was out of her depth. That should have been all the more reason for her to leave. She’s a total hot mess and the ending didn’t make me think “she should stay and join the crew”. I would have liked it better if she was actually a good counselor, but we can’t win them all. 3 ham and cheese sandwiches, hold the bloodwine.

So what had happened in “Take Me Out to the Holosuite” was…: Captain Solok, a Vulcan, arrives on DS9 and is in need of repairs. He and Sisko snark at each other and eventually Solok challenges the DS9 crew to a holosuite baseball game against his ship’s crew. They all try to figure out what the hell this baseball thing is and Sisko asks Odo to be their umpire. The whole senior staff shows up for “tryouts”, as well as Quark, Rom, Leeta, and Nog. After the first day Bashir is busy helping patch everyone up in the Infirmary and Sisko asks Yates to join the team. Rom is so terrible and Sisko is taking things so seriously, he’s thrown off the team… but he wants to watch everyone else play, even when they want to strike until Rom is reinstated.

A dog with a helmet on "win one for the gipper"
“Shows how much you know. You don’t kick the ball. Do you?”

Yates finally drags the story out of Sisko that he and Solok were in the Academy together, Sisko got drunk and lost a wrestling match to Solok, and Solok has been rubbing it in Sisko’s face ever since. Yates tells the rest of the crew, even though she promised not to, and they all want to win one for the gipper. The Niners are losing pretty badly to the Logicians and Sisko gets himself thrown out for touching Odo, leaving O’Brien in charge. There’s a bit of fun with Nog and a Vulcan who forgot to touch home plate and Sisko remembers baseball is supposed to be fun, so they sub Rom in who accidentally bunts and allows Nog to score the only run of the game. The Niners throw a celebration, which is super illogical to Solok, and sign a baseball for Sisko.

Favorite Quotes:

A collection of Worf’s greatest hits:

“We will destroy them.”

“Death to the opposition.”

“Find him and kill him!”

Worf is super dramatic and I absolutely love it.

“To manufactured triumphs!: I absolutely loved this episode from beginning to end. We start with Sisko, who is generally only sassy to Cardassians and people who do him wrong, turning the snark and sass up to 11 with Solok. Sisko is obsessed with baseball but also needs a win with the war going on for so long, losing Jadzia, and the wormhole being closed for some time. I love that the non-humans, Worf, Kira, and Nog, get together to try to figure out the terminology and are totally lost, but they don’t fare much better than Bashir or O’Brien who are human. I did completely appreciate that O’Brien replicated gum and infused it with scotch, because why not? A total O’Brien thing to do! I love that Leeta and Rom are super excited to participate and Rom is just adorably cute when he is supportive of the team and really wants them to play. Odo practicing his “moves” is the absolute best and it reminds me of when my Dad used to umpire recreational softball. I also totally loved that both teams were mixed gendered, and the DS9 team was a range of races and ages and abilities.

from MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, the mother trying to pronounce "bundt" cake
“What’s a bunt?”

When Sisko tells the story to Yates it’s a thing of beauty on both of their accounts and I knew she was totally going to tell the crew, the episode needed something to bring them all together. The ridiculousness of Nog trying to get the Vulcan out was superbly funny, especially because he didn’t know which Vulcan it was, and the look of glee on Sisko’s face was super infectious. When he realizes that he needs to make things right with Rom, I was thinking it would have been hysterical if Rom lost hold of the bat and hit one of the Vulcans with it… but their ending with a mistake bunt because Rom is trying to figure out the signs was just as good and heartwarming. I love that Solok also gets thrown out, the DS9 crew doesn’t win the game but remembers what was most important to them, and I even thoroughly enjoyed them picking on Solok at the end. Ezri doesn’t deliver the sass when she asks if she forgot to wear her spots, but Quark picks it right back up for her with his follow up line and it’s truly amazing. After the heavy first three episodes and end of last season, I needed this episode. It may have its issues but I don’t care because I really enjoyed it. 10 cheers for Rom and the team!

TA Out!

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