ENT: “Shuttlepod One”

Date: October 25, 2021

Season 1, Episode 16

Music Video of the Day:

“Nobody said it was easy / No one ever said it would be this hard.”

Interstellar News: Today began with some bad family news. It rained very hard almost all day and I feel like I wrote about 1000 emails just today. Not a great start to the week. I’m sure you never read any of these posts, but this one is for you Melissa. I hope you are at peace and have reconnected with your father and my mother, as well as our cherished grandparents.

TL;DR: Reed and Tucker return early to find Enterprise destroyed, except they really just took on some damage and are helping the Tesnians get home. Reed and Tucker are running out of air, so Reed ties up “loose ends” while Tucker tries to figure out how to get them out of this mess. They argue, get drunk on bourbon, almost freeze to death, and blow up their engine just in case someone is out there looking for them. Eventually, they wake up in sick bay.

Favorite Quote:

Reed: What would you know about being a hero? It takes nothing but a coward to crawl up inside a hole to die.

Tucker: Then go ahead and shoot me, but you better hope we don’t make it, because if we survive the first thing I’m going to do is bust your ass back to Crewman Second Class for insubordination.

Reed: Be my guest. I could use a little less responsibility. Now, get down here.

The absolute sass of Tucker and Reed!
Tucker and Reed wrapped in blankets and drinking bourbon
It can giggle all it wants, but the galaxy’s not getting any of our bourbon.”

“I don’t suppose you have a sextant handy.” “I left it with my slide rule.”: This episode boils down to The Odd Couple — in space! Tucker is an engineer and doesn’t believe in giving up. He’s constantly trying to work on the problem at hand, which is at odds with Reed who is both pessimistic and practical. He’s already analyzed it and feels he shouldn’t waste time, so it’s better to dictate letters home and get his affairs in order. How many times do people get to know when they’re going to die? It’s very Vulcan of him and annoys Tucker to no end. I think their arguing went on for too long and I just was bored of it after the first few minutes. My favorite parts were when they worked together – using mashed potatoes to plug a hole or getting wasted on booze. Reed’s dream about T’Pol was also interesting, not sure if that will be important later or if they’re all drooling over her because she’s in “that outfit” and they all see Sato as their little sister. Anyway, I give it a nice 4 mile hike for Porthos — gotta work off that cheese buddy!

TA Out!

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