ENT: “Civilization”

Date: September 12, 2021

Season 1, Episode 9

Music Video of the Day:

They can’t make you laugh, no they can’t make you feel the way that I do.

Interstellar News: Yesterday was, not great. Today I watched The Three Caballeros with a dear friend and then ran ALL THE ERRANDS. We were mostly successful in finding all the things on our list, and a few things that weren’t, but we’re now pretty stocked up for a few weeks. I made “toad in a hole” tonight and didn’t set the kitchen on fire, honest.

TL;DR: Enterprise encounters a pre-industrial M-class planet and goes down to take a look, especially when neutrino emissions are found. Some other aliens came and pretended to be traders, but the reactor they built is making many of the locals sick. They team up with a very advanced local, Riann, who helps the team kick the aliens out. She even gets herself kissed by Archer, oh la la. The Vulcans promise to check in on them to ensure no other folks mess around with that planet.

Favorite Quote:

Archer: A farm?

T’Pol: It’s remote and sparsely populated. If you’re exposed, there’s a reduced risk of cultural contamination.

Archer: This must be why aliens are always landing in cornfields. So, who do we send first?

A reference to Signs and all the other alien tropes, as well as the first episode!
Riann, one of the Akaali.
“That’s the second lie you’ve told me. You’re not very good at it. “

“78 light years to get here, our first act is breaking and entering.”: This is a cute little episode where you can see why the Prime Directive eventually becomes a thing and why you have to have A LOT more preparation in order to visit with certain civilizations. This episode makes me dislike Tucker, just when he was beginning to grow on me, because he makes disparaging remarks against both women and Vulcans and I’m just so over his misogyny. Archer starts to channel Kirk when he kisses the girl, but he does so in a very un-Kirk like manner and it’s wonderfully adorable. I liked that the team helped kick Goros and the others out and also helped get the Akaali back on their path. I also really enjoyed Riann as a character, I find apothecaries quite interesting and she’s super smart and totally not taking any shit from Archer. 6 buckets of bouncy balls for Porthos on this one!

TA Out!

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