ENT: “Strange New World”

Date: August 25, 2021

Season 1, Episode 4

Music Video of the Day:

Now who is alive and who is The Devil?

Interstellar News: The last two days have been not good in terms of cat hairballs and such in places that were not easy to clean. This morning, however, my chiropractor cracked my neck like a glow stick and I have been feeling great most of the day. Work is still mostly insane, but I’m working through it.

TL;DR: Enterprise encounters a Minshara-class planet. T’Pol, who doesn’t quite have the Vulcan eyebrow, suggests the cautious Vulcan way while Archer says “‘Murica” and asks her to put a survey team together. Porthos is a very happy boy and several of the crew stay overnight to do a bit of research and shore leave. An overnight storm causes the team to relocate to some caves, but they were exposed to something that makes them all paranoid and causes hallucinations. Phlox initially misdiagnoses one of the crew that returns, but he eventually figures it out and no one dies!

Favorite Quote:

Mayweather: Are we allowed to squash alien life forms?

Tucker: If they’re inside your sleeping bag.

Mayweather asking the important questions and Tucker making shit up, like engineers tend to do.
Tucker with a camera in his hand.
“Smile. Be sure to get a copy of that to the Vulcan High Command.”

“Where no dog has gone before.”: When a few new characters were introduced, I went “oh no, redshirts”, but was glad that they all had lines and no one even died. It was fun to hear a space ghost story, to see how early campsites in space worked, and to know that pollen gets the best of everyone… even in space. As soon as I saw the one character in a field of yellow flowers, I knew something bad was going to happen. I didn’t think it was a hallucinogen, but that made for a fun twist for me. I definitely thought it was going to be more like the “Shore Leave” episode from TOS. Archer is absolutely the master of improv, but also really knows his crew. He knew what Tucker would respond well to and went with it. It was also good to see how humble Dr. Phlox was, as well as earnest in his sincerity. Phlox is genuinely interested in humans and wants to be a good doctor to all. He hasn’t disappointed me yet. A not great but not awful episode, so that’s 6 belly rubs for Porthos.

TA Out!

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