The Incredible Iron Men

Date: May 28, 2021

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“If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts.”

Interstellar News: Today is my first of three 3-day weekends in a row, but it’s the only one where I’m not traveling. I’m not feeling the greatest, but I know I need to catch on on writing and watching. Here’s the latest in our MCU movie rewatch as tonight we plan to watch Thor. I’ll be recapping Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man 2… hence the title of my post.

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Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man movie poster
“The truth is… I am Iron Man.”

“Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both?”: I love this movie so incredibly (see what I did there) much. The opening music, the horrifying moment it goes all wrong, the flashback to who Tony was pre-kidnapping, and everything right up until he wakes up is wonderful storytelling. Tony is self-obsessed and begins to realize that he actually has a responsibility to the world. He tries to pull a 180 and you can see he’s trying the only way he knows how. He doesn’t know who to trust and then realizes it was one of his closest “friends” after all. It’s the one movie in the MCU I have watched the most, because it’s where the MCU really began – even if not chronologically. The dialogue is witty, Pepper is amazing, Stane is a wonderfully terrifying villain, and you can’t help but want to eat a cheeseburger at the end.

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The Incredible Hulk movie poster
“Me In A Metal Tube, Deep Underground With Hundreds Of People In The Most Aggressive City In The World?”

“Don’t Make Me Hungry. You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Hungry.”: This movie had so much potential and just left me, sad. Banner is trying to lay low, but of course that doesn’t work and General Ross has to find him. They both, funnily enough, have the same goal – getting the Hulk out of Banner. What neither of them understand is that isn’t possible. It’s a great re-introduction to the character and I loved that actors who played or voiced the Hulk in the past were part of the movie. We get a tease of The Leader potentially being explored later and a few Easter eggs peppered in, but otherwise it’s just a flat movie. It’s not clear what happens to Abomination or why General Ross even lets Hulk go. There’s no movement on Betty/Banner or Betty and the guy she got engaged to and there are just so many things left unsaid. It’s really not as bad as watching Episode II, so there’s always that. I still find it interesting to think of Norton as Hulk in the remaining MCU films, but seeing what Ruffalo did just makes me curious but not at all upset. I still love Norton in The Italian Job remake as well as in Fight Club, so he’ll always live there for me.

Iron Man 2 (2010)

“If you could make God bleed, people would cease to believe in Him. There will be blood in the water, the sharks will come. All I have to do is sit back and watch as the world consumes you.”

“What is the point of owning a race car if you can’t drive it?”: I have a soft spot for this movie because it has some great bits. Whiplash asking for his bird is one I quote all the time, honestly anytime a bird is involved. I love the recasting of Rhodey, I love Sam Rockwell’s character… who is a complete putz, and I love that Pepper and Black Widow just get shit done. It’s not the best movie, but it’s certainly not the worst. It shows us more of Fury, it introduces more SHIELD agents, and it sows the seeds for the government’s view of superheroes. Tony continues to be called a prick, boosts his ego even more by synthesizing a new element, and gets to beat up drones with his best friend. All in all, it wasn’t the worst way to spend a Tuesday evening with my friends online.

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