The Jersey Devil

The NJ Devils hockey team logo

Date: April 27, 2021

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Interstellar News: It’s Trek Tuesday and I’m writing about something else because life has been kicking my ass. We all can’t be perfect.

Last week I traveled to NY and NJ to see some (vaccinated) family and friends, but the drive up was killer and the drive down was taxing on my body. The last few days I’ve been so incredibly exhausted due to normal body stuff, but it’s on top of recovering from a 500+ mile drive – so there’s that.

NJ Devils mascot
This is not the mascot you’re looking for…

Anyway I wanted to announce that my favorite author, Keith R. A. DeCandido, has written an account about the Jersey Devil in a continuing series of books about cryptids from Systema Paradoxa. The NJ Devils have always been one of my favorite sports teams and the Jersey Devil has always been my favorite cryptid/urban legend/monster story. Growing up in New Jersey and being a geek definitely had a influence in the naming of this site as well as most of my online handles. All that said, you should totally support this author and read about the world’s most fantastic devil.

TA Out!

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