VOY: “Muse”

The 5 Muses from Disney's HERCULES movie

Date: April 12, 2021

Season 6, Episode 22

Music Video of the Day:

I’ve been listening to this song A LOT. I’m a bit obsessed with the lyrics.

Interstellar News: Today was one of the first days in a long time that wasn’t fraught. The weather has been beautiful, but the pollen is still high.

TL;DR: Torres crash lands on a planet and is found by a poet named Kelis who is inspired by her story. He helps her gather parts to fix the ship while she tells him stories to impress his patron. Kim, who was supposed to be on escape pod, eventually shows up and they are able to contact Voyager who comes and saves them, but not before Torres helps Kelis one last time.

Favorite Quote:

Kelis: You’ve been in a fever since I found you. Bleeding is the best way to treat it.

Torres: Oh, I can see I’m in good hands.

Kelis: Something tells me you have your doubts.

Even sarcasm transcends language barriers.
Sponge Bob with a rainbow and the words 'inspiration'
” I’ve been visited by inspiration herself. How does this sound? The Rescue of B’Elanna Torres. Right here, in one week.”

“I have to sing for my supper, huh?”: This episode was way better than it should have been, but nonetheless I liked it very much. After watching a table reading of Taming of the Shrew on Sunday, this felt very Shakespearean… a play within a play. Kelis explains the tricks he uses to keep the audience engaged, which an older poet says is lazy writing, but all of those elements are in the story of Torres – both acted by the inhabitants of the planet and those acting in the episode. We get snippets of those on Voyager doing all they can to find Torres and Kim, but it’s Torres who gets most of the spotlight and it’s very good. She starts off being her usual self and then really gets involved, but not in a way to break the Prime Directive. The way the older poet at the end saves the show not once, but twice, and the words Kelis uses to stop the war are all their doing… Torres just helps them along. I also enjoy how Kim saves the day in a sort of believable way, how Tuvok snores in the Captain’s chair, and how Neelix is the Italian grandmother that just keeps the food and coffee flowing to try and solve everyone’s problems. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just really enjoyed this episode. It earns itself 8 potato latkas with sour cream and apple sauce on top!

TA Out!

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