Sports Night: “What Kind of Day Has It Been?”

Date: March 13, 2021

Season 1, Episode 23

Music Video of the Day: Happy 13th Day of Women’s History Month!

I saw her in concert in 2018 or 2019 and she was still amazing.

Interstellar News: I had a wonderful lunch date with the husband person (hamburgers in the car) and then we got a bunch of free or nearly free stuff from the grocery store and then I watched the first half of a Deep Space Nine documentary.

Favorite Quote:

Casey: So what’s the problem?

Dana: Well, Casey, it’s pretty complicated. This is a sophisticated instrument.

Casey: Uh huh.

Dana: It’s not any one thing, and it would be difficult to explain to anyone who didn’t have at least an intermediate background in photography, but, by and large, it’s that I put the film in backwards. (Casey chuckles) What?

Casey: Nothing, I just think you’re funny.

This is directly after she tells Gordon ” I was a lot funnier than you ever gave me credit for being.”.
the group posing for a picture
“Get in your places. Here we go!”

Season 1 ends with this absolutely beautiful episode. There are two moments that always make me cry and two bits that always stick with me.

In your lifetime, you’ll never embarrass me.”: Moment one that makes me cry is when Charlie and Casey have their talk and Casey “dads up” big time. It’s such a wonderful parent and child moment and I love it so much. It’s the first time we see Charlie in person, though he’s mentioned often. Dan also does a great job in calling Charlie out on his fib, but also trying to figure out why it happened.

Charlie McCall
“But I can’t play. And I lied ’cause I didn’t want to embarrass you. I’m sorry.”

“Are you thinking of getting my show on the air any time soon?” Moment two that makes me cry is when Isaac makes his triumphant return to the office just as Dana is losing it over absolutely nothing going right that day. He says the right thing at the right time in only the way he can, and he does the same with Dan and Casey as they politely rib him a bit. It’s an absolutely beautifully done scene and tugs the heartstrings every damn time.

Isaac Jaffey talking to Dan and Casey
“Out six weeks on the DL with a stroke? I’ve seen gored matadors get up off the floor faster than you.”

“Your haberdashery parable cleared it all up for me.” The other two moments that stick with me are Natalie and Jeremy and Gordon and Dana. Jeremy is stuck on the “ninth inning rally” and he’s going on and on about it and Natalie just smiles and nods. She’s finally realized it’s better to just let him roll with it and it’s wonderful to see where they are in their relationship. It’s been a hell of a ride since the pilot until now for both of them. Gordon and Dana’s bit sticks out because Dana knows what’s coming but she doesn’t and then they have to walk allllllll the way through the newsroom, all the while Dana is fielding questions, only to finally wind up in Isaac’s office so they can break up. Dana hides it well until the camera doesn’t work for the second time that day because it’s much easier to lose it over something inconsequential than it is to give in at the moment it happens. These two bits help round out the episode, but the above feel-good moments are what makes it one of my favorite episodes of Sports Night.

TA Out!

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