Sports Night: “Intellectual Property”

Date: January 27, 2021

Season 1, Episode 4

Music Video of the Day:

“I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh / I want to hold you high and steal your pain away”

Interstellar News: Brain power is approaching zero, we’ll see how far I get writing this.

Favorite Quote:

Casey: Look, of course I want to see you naked.

Dana: Louder.

Casey: I want to see you naked.

Dana: I can’t hear you!

Casey: I want badly to see you naked. (Jeremy walks by and stops)

Dana: Yeah you better wanna see me naked! 

Such an absolute great exchange

“Took two people to write that song?”: I adore the fuck out of this episode for so many reasons. One of the quotes I use the most is the one in bold at the top of this paragraph. It’s just such a fun exchange between Dan and Isaac and it highlights the absurdity that a song could just “happen”, of course someone wrote it! Those who create art, or song, or words should absolutely be paid for their work – not “their exposure” – and if they copyright it then they should damn well be consulted when someone wants to use their work. Dan isn’t the best with Mallory, at first, and I’m not sure if it’s because she’s a woman or she’s new, or it’s just how he is with lawyers. I also think it could have a lot to do with how young and inexperienced he is. He is just so green and so in his own yuppie world that he never stopped to think about something like intellectual property. However his exchanges with Casey, Mallory, and Isaac are just wonderful and I can listen to this fast paced conversation any day of the week.

Dan looking at Casey who is looking for THE FLY in the studio
“Dana, there is a fly in the studio the size of a bald eagle. And every time he buzzes by head on a fly by, it sounds like a sound check at a Black Sabbath concert. “

The other wonderful bit in this episode is the continuing Dana/Casey drama as she’s started dating a man named Gordon and she’s going to Vermont with him for the weekend. We finally get to see them have it out that they’ve been doing the “will they, won’t they” thing for many years and Dana just isn’t here for it any more. The real kicker, though, is Casey claims there’s been a fly in the studio for the last several days… though no one can see it but him. As Dana tells Casey off and goes to get her bags, she’s attacked by the fly and realizes Casey wasn’t making it up and maybe this time he really does have feeling for her.

TA Out!

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