VOY: “Alice”

Icarus graphic novel cover

Date: January 16, 2021

Season 6, Episode 5

Music Video of the Day:

“Come Close” by Common
I know this world is crazy / What’s it without you?

Interstellar News: This last week has been a lot of ups and downs

TL;DR: Voyager comes across a junkyard and acquire some supplies, including a small ship that Paris falls in love with… literally. It has a nuerogenic interface that takes on the female personification of ‘Alice’ who is only seen by him, and her only goal is to interface with a pilot to take her home, which is a particle fountain. Torres and the Doctor are able to finally get to him before the craft is destroyed, and he promises Torres he’s “just friends” with the Delta Flyer.

Favorite Quote:

Tuvok: We’ve detected a large group of vessels directly ahead.

Chakotay: Hostile?

Tuvok: Possibly. I’m charging weapons.

Janeway: On screen.

Kim: I’m counting sixty two ships and a few hundred pieces of ships. All dead in space.

Paris: It’s a junkyard. Congratulations, Tuvok. You just saved us from a flotilla of hostile trash.

Tuvok acting on the information he had at the time and Paris being his usual sarcastic self.
Alice in the background while Paris is hooked into the ship
“Who need arms when you have wings?”

“From now on, I promise no more affairs with strange ships.”: I love the science fiction technology piece of a ship that needs a biological unit to interface with, the neurogenic interface is so fascinating. As we’ve seen in “Vis a Vis” and several other times throughout the series, Paris is constantly getting himself into trouble. What starts life as a side project becomes his obsession, and Torres says it best to Kim when she asks why he always forgets she exists when he takes on a new hobby. I also love that we really see how much Paris and Torres care for each other when he chooses to share his project with her, even if it didn’t go as planned, and when she agrees to help link to his mind to get him to lower the shields. The one thing I absolutely hate about this episode is after Torres is assaulted by both Alice and Paris, she goes to Janeway and the first damn words out of Janeway’s mouth is “that doesn’t sound like Tom” and I’m back to what I felt during “Retrospect“. You can say it doesn’t sound like a person but I’m so sorry that happened and let’s get down to the bottom of this immediately… but not leave it as is. That one line and her reaction brings this down to a 6 for me, and that’s it… just the number.

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