Happy Mischief Night!

Date: October 30, 2020

Musical Accompaniment: The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack

Interstellar News: Happy 30th Day of Halloween!

In New Jersey, we call the night before Hallowed “Mischief Night“. It’s apparently known by many other names… but this one truly captures the spirit of toilet-papering trees and egging houses. The map below, funnily enough, comes from the research of an NC State student (where I went to school and work)… go Pack!

Tonight ends the week of hell and the husband person and I decided on breakfast for dinner, also known as ‘brinner’, and to finish all but the fake finale (Season 8) of Scrubs.

Tomorrow, I hope there will be Trek!

TA Out!

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I'm just a big city girl living in a not so big city with my fur children and partner.

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