VOY: “Dreadnought”

Tim Curry from CLUE on Sept 30 and then as Dr. F. from RHPS on Oct 1 meme

Date: October 1, 2020

Season 2, Episode 17

Musical Accompaniment: A “Spooky and Creepy” music mix

Interstellar News: It’s Spooktober! This is going to be the best month ever and I’m totally stoked about it. That totally means my hopes will be dashed in a few days, but Spooky Season is a mentality, and they can’t take that away from me.

TL;DR: Ensign Wildman considers names for her baby. Voyager finds debris from a ship and Torres realizes it’s her fault. The Maquis found a Cardassian weapon, Torres reprogrammed it, renamed it Dreadnought, and then she sent it on a mission to destroy a Cardassian fuel depot. They thought it was lost in the Badlands but it apparently came with them to the DQ and is now on a course to destroy Rakosa V. Jonas, of course, tells the Kazon about the weapon. Torres beams over to Dreadnought and gets it shut down, but Dreadnought lied to her because it believes she is now working for the Cardassians. Torres was too good of a programmer and everything she does, Dreadnought has an answer for. Janeway decides to use Voyager to stop Dreadnought so she orders everyone to escape pods while her and Tuvok stay to maneuver in between Rakosa and Dreadnought and she sets the ship to auto-destruct. Torres finally figures out what to do and, in true Trek fashion, detonates Dreadnought. Torres is beamed directly to sickbay, Janeway stops the self destruct and goes to recover everyone who left the ship. She also made friends with the Rakosan First Minister, Kellan.

Favorite Quote:

Janeway: Doctor, I forgot about you.

EMH: How flattering.

To be honest, I forgot about him too and he’s my favorite… whoops.
I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.
Anyone else getting strong Hall-9000 vibes?

“Life support has been terminated. It is advisable for you to return to your ship.”: I absolutely loved this episode. Torres gets to be bad ass and save the day, again, and Janeway also gets to be the bad ass captain we all know she is. Torres is a brilliant engineer and outfoxed herself almost to the detriment of ship, unfortunately. We get to meet another DQ race that thinks the Voyager crew amount to what the rumors say of them, but this time they actually make a friend which is a nice change of pace. The back and forth between Torres and Dreadnought is fantastic and it’s hysterical that even a computer program thinks it’s completely improbable that it and Torres are in the DQ so far from their last position. It reminds me of when I would take a plane flight, turn off my cell phone, and then turn it back on when I land elsewhere and it’s like OH MY GOD YOU’RE SO FAR FROM HOME! One thing that bothered me is that Dreadnought disables the com system and transporter lock, but then tells Torres she should beam out once the life support system is turned off. Otherwise, this was a fantastic episode and a great science fiction story. 9 great, big pumpkins for this one.

TA Out!

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