The Muses from Hercules (1997)

Date: September 13, 2020

Interstellar News: It’s almost 9:30 pm and I haven’t eaten dinner yet. I’m just not hungry, which if you know me is the first thing to indicate that there’s something wrong.

I was hoping the planets would align this weekend, much like in the clip below, but unfortunately it’s not meant to be. I don’t know if I’ll watch Trek again. I really want to finish this challenge I set out, but life is very hard right now. Just continue to be excellent to one another and please, for the love of whatever you hold dear, wash your hands and wear your mask.

“Uh, guys? Olympus would be that way…”

TA Out.

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I'm just a big city girl living in a not so big city with my fur children and partner.

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